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From pain-free periods to plummeting cancer risks – try these powerful natural solutions to get healthy and stay that way!

In January of this year we reviewed the first part of Aspects of Women’s Health Care (see Nutrition & Healing, January 2015), a comprehensive presentation of mine that’s always popular at [...]

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Discover the secrets of ‘age-defying’ bio-identical hormone therapy

We’ve all heard the saying ‘with age comes wisdom’. We also all know that’s not always the case – especially when it comes to our judges and politicians. The more grey hair I have, the more [...]

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Why do 40-year-old men die of heart attacks, but 40-year-old women don’t?

Although cardiovascular disease is the overall leading cause of death in women, it rarely occurs before menopause in women who don’t take birth control pills or smoke cigarettes. But despite the [...]

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