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Herbs and phytochemicals with the power to prime – A new insight into herbal antioxidants: Part 2

What are the key herbs/ phytochemicals with Nrf2/ARE priming activity? The research has focused on just a few key ones: sulforaphane from broccoli (especially the sprouts), curcumin from [...]

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Antioxidants – have we had it wrong all along? A new insight into herbal antioxidants: Part 1

We all know about antioxidants. They are the good things in our diet that protect us against the evils of damage caused by free radicals. However, recently in both scientific circles and consumer [...]

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Resveratrol is fulfilling its promise

It’s only 18 months since I last wrote about the remarkable phytonutrient resveratrol (Nutrition & Healing Vol 5, Issue 3, March 2011). You might recall I was extolling its virtues as a [...]

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