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Harness the ‘anti-ageing secrets’ stored in youthful cells – and look 5, 10, or even 15 years younger with facial rejuvenation therapy!

There’s been a lot of excitement lately surrounding new ‘anti-ageing’ research published in May of this year. Researchers from Harvard, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Stanford, UCSF, and other [...]

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Antioxidants – have we had it wrong all along? A new insight into herbal antioxidants: Part 1

We all know about antioxidants. They are the good things in our diet that protect us against the evils of damage caused by free radicals. However, recently in both scientific circles and consumer [...]

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Roundup® damages testicle cells, lowers testosterone

Most men don’t know that their testosterone levels are significantly lower than their grandfathers at the same age. Or that those levels are declining faster and sooner than their grandfathers [...]

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