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Loosening the chains on kava, part two: Proven natural botanical effectively promotes healthy sleep

Kava isn’t only the best herbal answer for anxiety; it could also be the key to getting more quality shut-eye. Kava promotes healthy sleep, and typically doesn’t come with much of the ‘hangover’ [...]

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Loosening the chains on kava, part one: Natural botanical alternative to heavy-duty drugs re-emerges as an effective anxiety and stress reducer

Late last century the herb kava (Piper methysticum) was emerging as a serious player in the battle against anxiety. Several clinical trials had confirmed its efficacy and the experience of herbal [...]

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This superstar botanical could be your drug-free solution to tackling health complaints from type-2 diabetes to cancer prevention

Berberine has emerged as an incredibly effective natural treatment for controlling blood sugar and lipids. In fact, research found that it performs just as well as metformin, the #1 patent [...]

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