Are sinus troubles suffocating you from inside your own head?

This is always a tough time of year for anyone who lives in the Northern hemisphere.

With daylight saving time robbing us of the wonderful sun and its vitamin D… winter ushering in the cold weather… and the stress of the Christmas holidays still lingering… there’s a ton of sinus issues doing the rounds.

Chronic sinus complaints are shockingly common, and they’re more serious than you might think.

They create many medical issues – ranging from chronic allergies and stuffed-up nasal passages to headaches, sleep and snoring issues, all the way to chronic sinus infections.

But there’s something I’ve used for many years… a ‘secret weapon’ that continues to be a ‘game changer’ for so many of my patients… and I’m here to share it with you now.

It’s a simple, safe, and cheap nasal spray! It’s called XLEAR (available online and at your local health food store), and its effectiveness in treating the whole gamut of sinus issues continues to amaze me.

Don’t let this incredibly common health issue rob you of the optimal health you could have!

If you’ve been struggling with your sinuses, this nasal spray could be the ‘silver bullet’ you’ve been looking for!

Sniff out this sinus bug killer

The most shocking thing about treating chronic sinus ‘issues’ is that conventional medicine has still not come
up with a nasal spray that ‘kills’ infections in the nasal cavity and sinuses.

In fact, every nasal spray that your doctor can prescribe for you or that you can get from the pharmacy is either a steroid, salt water (saline), or an antihistamine drug (to reduce an allergic response).

Steroids really just reduce the inflammatory response that occurs from infections or allergens – putting a Band-Aid on the symptoms of allergies or infections that irritate your sinus and nasal cavity rather than addressing the root cause. (And beware of their unwanted side effects.)

Along the same lines, anti-allergy nasal sprays just reduce the histamine response that occurs with allergens.

XLEAR is so special because it addresses all of the things that over-the-counter or prescription products do… but it also kills infections in the sinus cavities.

XLEAR is made from four natural ingredients: xylitol, purified water, salt, and grapefruit seed extract.

Each of these ingredients addresses a different issue that plagues the human sinus cavities, and the patented combination of the four substances provides a wonderful synergistic effect that treats almost all of the potential sinus-irritating culprits.

Xylitol is a good-for-you sugar that coats the nasal cavity, protecting that precious real estate from infections and allergens.

The mixture of saline (salt water) and xylitol makes the solution hyperosmotic, which draws moisture and keeps the nasal passages and sinuses more moist and clean than saline alone. Translation: Squirting salt water up into your nose will dry everything out, but adding xylitol to the mix will clean, moisturise, and protect the delicate tissues you’ve got up in there.

All of that is good, no doubt about that.

But I actually feel that what makes XLEAR so special and effective is the fact that it has grapefruit seed extract
in it!

Whether you take it internally or shoot it up into your nasal passages, this natural remedy kills infectious organisms.

It acts as a natural antibiotic, but that’s not all it does. It also acts as a natural anti-fungal.

Think you couldn’t possibly have fungus up your nose? Think again.

The hidden gunk in your trunk

The gory truth is that a lot of people have ‘dirty’ noses and ‘dirty’ nasal passages.

And when things aren’t quite so ‘clean’ up in there, infections can slowly but surely wreak havoc on the human body.

With its anti-microbial properties, however, XLEAR can put an end to those infections – including the
ones that just keep coming back!

On top of that, XLEAR can also treat acute sinus infections – if you can start treatment early enough and stick with it.

A lot of people have more than just unwanted bacteria in their sinuses. They have fungal infections as well!
You may not have mushrooms sprouting out of your nostrils, but you could be experiencing an overgrowth of yeast.

Believe it or not, these yeast infections can ‘set up shop’ in your nasal cavity and linger for years. If these
fungal infections irritate your sinus cavity, it can create a perfect ‘petri dish’ for bacteria to grow.

You see, you get a bacterial sinus infection… and you take an oral antibiotic to kill the bacteria… which makes you feel better from the acute bacterial infection.

However, the antibiotic fuels the growth of more yeast… which sets the stage for more bacteria to come back… and cause another infection.

But grapefruit seed extract can stop the vicious cycle by killing off the stubborn fungus.

Unblock your snout

Blocked and clogged sinuses are more than just a nuisance to the human body. After all, it’s not good for any infection to linger anywhere in your body.

Not only that, but you really want a good flow of oxygen at all times – for both your body and your brain!

Now, maybe you’re like some of my patients, and you’ve been struggling with this issue for so long that you’ve just learned to live with not being able to breathe through your nose.

Maybe you just breathe through your mouth instead.

But here’s the thing: you have a nose for a reason! And it is meant to take in air 24/7 – including while you’re sleeping.

If your sinuses are clogged while you’re trying to get some rest, you’re even more likely to breathe through your mouth and snore (or snore more) – and that inefficient sleep pattern can cause a multitude of medical issues, like dementia, hypertension, fatigue, and weight gain. It’s even been linked to early death!

Now, while I would advocate most of the products that you’ll see on, as a general rule, I like to keep things simple.

So, I usually just tell my patients to get the plain old XLEAR spray, which can be found at most health food
stores and online.

The spray bottle is small enough that you can bring it with you, but I also recommend giving yourself a good squirt right before bed.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing

Full references and citations for this article are available in the downloadable PDF version of the monthly Nutrition and Healing issue in which this article appears.

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