High-energy magnet therapy continues to deliver dramatic results

Over a decade ago, Holly and I attended a presentation given by Dr. Dean Bonlie. We had been told he was achieving remarkable – almost unbelievable – results with the use of a high-energy magnetic field, which he called a ‘magnetic molecular energizer’ (MME). We weren’t disappointed.

The most dramatic case in his series that day was a man in his 50s who’d been told the only way he could ever return to walking was to have back surgery. He was in constant pain, even when lying down. Sitting or standing was impossible for him because of unbearable pain.

Dr. Bonlie showed the results of this man’s MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, which showed the ‘slipped disc’ to have ‘slipped’ almost entirely across the spinal canal. His spinal cord was squished; it was clear why he was in so much pain. He also showed the first part of a movie of this man, who was lying on a stretcher, obviously in pain while he answered a few questions.

Dr. Bonlie then showed the MRI scan of this same man done after 300 hours of lying with his injured back in the magnetic field for eight to 10 hours each night, most of the time while sleeping.

It was indeed remarkable: the previously ‘slipped disc’ had somehow moved back to where it belonged, between the bony parts of the vertebrae! It was not compressing his spinal cord at all! And he had not had surgery; his only treatment had been with the MME’s magnetic field.

The second part of the movie showed the same man now walking up and down a hallway, smiling, reporting that he was entirely pain-free! 

‘Mysterious’ magnet therapy leads to remarkable results

No one knows exactly how the MME magnetic field achieved this remarkable result, or some of the other dramatic improvements it has led to for a variety of other health problems.

Magnetic fields are known to significantly speed up electron flow in wires, and to promote a much more rapid electron exchange between molecules. As it’s known that electron exchange is the basis of nearly all biochemical reactions, one theory is that MME exposure enables change by significantly speeding up body chemistry in the areas exposed. But even if this is the case, there are likely many purely energetic reactions that accompany improved body chemistry as well.

The strength of the MME’s magnetic field is very close to the magnetic field energy given off in the course of an MRI scan.

MRI scans have been done for diagnostic purposes for decades; no adverse effects have been reported. In fact, a few years ago, it was reported that Harvard researchers were launching a study of MRI energy and depression, having heard that some individuals reported significantly less depression after having MRI scans for other purposes.

But we don’t have to totally understand how MME works to know that the therapy can have a significant effect on healing. The proof is in the results.

Both at Tahoma Clinic and AMRI-WA, approximately two-thirds of treated people have reported significant improvements, and another one-sixth saw some minor improvement.

And even when magnet therapy doesn’t work at all there haven’t been any reports of harmful effects. 

Disabling symptoms are dramatically relieved

Fifteen-year-old Helena (not her real name, of course) has cerebral palsy. She can’t walk or speak. Before she began MME treatments her tiny 49 pound body was rigid from top to bottom. Her legs bent only a little bit at the knees and her neck was twisted to the right. Helena’s left lower jaw was compressed into the left side of her neck and shoulder and her hips were rotated as well. She choked and snorted frequently and a ‘girdle strap’ was required to help her sit upright. She frowned a lot, and only smiled rarely.

Helena’s MME treatment focused on her brain and the results were dramatic. After just 90 hours of treatment the neck brace on Helena’s wheelchair had to be raised not once but TWICE to accommodate growth.

And by the time she reached 200 hours of MME her torso muscles had become both stronger and less rigid and the girdle strap was removed.

By the end of her treatment (500 hours) Helena was able to turn her head all the way to the left and back again, her neck was no longer twisted to the right. The compression of her left jaw had lifted considerably and her body was significantly more relaxed, allowing her to stretch and move more easily. Her stiff legs now bent easily at the knees and her demeanor dramatically improved.

According to her mother, after treatments Helena began to frequently giggle and make singing sounds, which rarely occurred before MME.

You can find a video of Helena’s incredible progress at www.amri-wa.com.

While MME didn’t, of course, cure her cerebral palsy it did dramatically improve her life. Both her physical and mental conditions were vastly improved. Her mother said the distance travelled from Australia, and the time spent on the treatments, were well worth it to get these stunning improvements for her daughter. 

Say goodbye to severe sciatic pain

Seventy-three-year-old Mary (not her real name) suffered with severe left sided ‘sciatic nerve’ pain. Her left leg and hip were in constant pain, and she was afflicted with intense lower back cramps which kept her from sleeping. She had developed a limp from trying to not put weight on her painful left leg. To make matters worse Mary has also been suffering with shortness of breath and constant diarrhoea for years.

After 101 hours of MME treatment directed at her low back pain Mary rated her improvement at ‘75 to 99%’. Her sciatic pain had almost disappeared, plummeting from a ‘10 of 10’ to a ‘1 of 10’. Her limp was gone, and Mary reported she was sleeping through the night again with little to no pain.

After 59 additional hours of treatment directed to her lungs her shortness of breath during walking or exercising had been slashed by 60%.

And, despite not having any abdominal MME treatments, Mary’s bowel function improved as well. 

Hearing and eye sight improved

Bill (not his real name) was 69 years old when he came to Tahoma Clinic to have his ‘dry’ macular degeneration (diagnosed by his ophthalmologist) in his left eye treated. He also had been diagnosed with ‘wet’ macular degeneration in his other eye.

(For the non-technically inclined, ‘dry’ macular degeneration is more a process of deterioration of the visual centre, or the ‘macula’, of the retina, with abnormalities of the blood vessels usually visible also. ‘Wet’ macular degeneration is the abnormal growth of blood vessels across the macula, blocking vision directly.)

Testing revealed that Bill had very low stomach acid production, or severe gastric hypochlorhydria (not uncommon for those suffering with dry macular degeneration). A blood spot the size of a match-head appeared under his right eyelid, and there were multiple small blood vessel haemorrhages in his eyes. Pus drained from both of Bill’s eyes, and his ear canals that were so swollen that that they were almost shut. The vision in Bill’s right eye (wet macular degeneration) was completely blocked in the centre, but he retained some vision on the periphery.

In addition to the regular intravenous nutrient treatment for dry macular degeneration, Bill had MME treatment focused on his head.

After just 20 hours, the pus drainage was gone, and his ‘foggy’ eye colour had improved. When he reached 60 hours his ears had opened back up and his hearing improved as a result.

After 200 hours of treatment, the broken blood vessels in Bill’s right eye had disappeared on the right, and were nearly gone on the left as well. The ‘match-head’ sized blood spot under his right eyelid shrunk down to the size of a pinhead

But now I’ll ‘get out of the way’, and let some people who’ve had MME treatment report what happened to their own problems, in their own words. 

MME treatment experiences: Seven more success stories

News: The eye treatments for dry macular degeneration are a success. Praise the Lord, I can now read fine print!

I am now finished with the 200 hours of MME treatments along with [intravenous] nutrients for the eyes at MME Washington, a part of the Tahoma clinic.

I plan to continue with the eye drops and a year of IV therapy for the nutrients that the eyes need and are not assimilated very well by many older people.

My first request to the Lord was to give me convincing evidence that these treatments will work or not. Within the first 30 hours I found that flexibility in my legs improved greatly. The lump on my heel is gone. That scar tissue was removed from my torn Achilles tendon of a year ago. With that convincing evidence, I continued treatment.

My second request was, if the Lord would grant me His mercy and heal my eyes that that healing would be an avenue for others to seek the same.

My eyes are improving daily. I can read fine print now and read normal print for five hours straight without getting blurry; the fog is gone.

My therapy was done at Tahoma clinic near South center, Seattle.


In March 2007 I had MME treatments on my shoulder which I had broken in 3 places in Sept 2006. After surgery I was still in considerable pain which just didn’t let up and as I dislike the side effects of most medications I decided to try the magnetic treatments so in March 2007 I had 134 hrs of MME.

My pain went from an 8 to 10 scale down to an average 3 to 5. I highly recommend the MME treatments.


I am a 69-year-old woman who had a very sore shoulder. M.R.I.s revealed a full thickness tear in the rotator cuff (7.6 m.m.), a “Hill Sachs” deformity, degenerative joint changes, and a displaced cartilage fragment in the joint. I had 100 hours of M.M.E. treatment and the shoulder is 80 to 85% better.

I can lift with it now and rotate it behind my back with only minimal discomfort. I had been told by my family physician that surgery was the only thing that would help. I chose M.M.E. first and never have had to have the surgery.


Recently I finished treatment on the MME machine at AMRI-WA for my COPD. I can now breathe deeply again and am not awakened by coughing in the night. I am able to walk rapidly again and have walked three quarters of a mile on our treadmill at a three mile per hour rate. It is really wonderful!


Update from M.M.’s husband: M is continuing to improve even after being off of the MME treatments for 1 month. She went to Alaska for five days & used NO drops – NO inhaler.

That is the longest period of time without these breathing aids for over a year. She has no infection in her lungs. As M. states it, “I am just crowing!”


I am a 73-year-old (young) man. I injured my back 35 years ago loading a 150 lb. quarter of beef that was slipping. I should have let it fall on the dirty floor.

I had a back surgery and a lot of pain, continuing for years after the surgery.

My wife was having M.M.E. treatments for a shoulder problem, so I decided to try it on my lower back (the sore spot).

The first 30 hours it was very sore, after that it started feeling better. I kept it up for 100 hours and it is 90-95% better. I can stand straight again, and sit and not have a backache.

We have been patients of Dr. Wright for years. I am a downhill skier and was on the mountain ten times this past winter.


Thanks for keeping in touch… Prior to coming to see you for treatment on the Magnetic Molecular Energizer, I was and had for about a year or more suffered with back aches to severe hip pain daily.

I tried pain pills without any success. Exercise, walking, etc. Nothing helped. Also my hands were swollen and hurt so bad when I tried to play organ/piano. I couldn’t even open a jar – large or small.

Since I have been home and also when I left your facility, I have no back pain, no hip pain and my hands have returned to normal with no swelling or joint discomfort. The tenderness between my shoulders is still there and I started the patch energizers today. I feel positive that they will have me back to normal soon.

I’m so glad I found Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of Washington. I have uninterrupted sleep – feel rested when I get up but tire easily. I’m gaining on that.

—L.R. (92 years old)

Digging into the data:Over 80% saw improvements!

Of course, these are just seven individuals, and not everyone has improvements with MME treatment.

As is the case with most treatments there are varying results from the treatments. With larger numbers, better estimates can be made about your odds of improvement.

On the previous page, you’ll find a compilation of results from 85 individuals who’ve had MME treatment. Although they didn’t write short reports for us as did the seven above, they had close observation and recording of changes that occurred while they were at the MME centre here at Tahoma Clinic.

In summary: Of 85 individuals treated with MME, 60 (70.5%) had significant improvement, nine (10.5%) had small improvement, 14 (16.5%) had no improvement, and two (2.5%) worsened.

Since at present MME therapy is usually a ‘last resort’ treatment (due to the time commitment required, and usually no insurance coverage) 70.5% significant improvement and 10.5% small improvement, although not perfect, is a very good record.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing

Vol. 8, Issue 7 – July 2014

Full references and citations for this article are available in the downloadable PDF version of the monthly Nutrition and Healing issue in which this article appears.

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