Harness the healing power of electrons to rapidly reverse pain and swelling

One way – but not necessarily the only one – in which Earthing or grounding is thought to work is by re-creating the imperceptible electrical connection between the voltage of the Earth (maintained by electrons) and the voltage of humans (also maintained by electrons – remember, all life contains both substance and energy) that has existed for literally hundreds of thousands of years before ‘civilisation’.

Everyone knows that electrical currents are electrons being conducted from one point to another. In modern times this exchange is often done by wires designed by humans for that purpose. But electrons are also conducted in many ways that were designed by nature and creation. One of those ways is along the membranes of nerves.

Remember in biology class we were taught that nerves conduct and transmit electricity? And in chemistry class we were told that chemical reactions are electron exchanges, which was followed by biochemistry classes where it was explained that all biochemical reactions are electron exchanges. But what probably none of us were ever taught in school is that illness and injury can create electron imbalances or deficiencies; or that by supplying electrons we can correct deficiencies to help maintain or restore health.

I’m not nearly as expert on all of this as I’d like to be, but Dr. Jerry Tennant of Irving, Texas, is one of the foremost experts in the world. In 2009, he kindly allowed my wife Holly and me to visit at his office for two days to observe some of the health problems he was helping and solving by the application of very low voltage electricity. We were very impressed and bought one of the hand-held ‘Biomodulators®’ he’d invented.

Below are two up close and personal observations of very rapid healing from accidental injury with electrons safely supplied by the AA battery in Dr. Tennnt’s Biomodulator®.

“Nearly pain free” in 15 minutes!

Holly tripped and fell onto an open bottom dresser drawer. Her thigh immediately developed an angry irregular red welt about eight inches long. The welt rapidly swelled to an inch or more above the surface of the rest of her thigh (the skin wasn’t broken), and then started to turn reddish purple.

I ran for the Biomodulator®, and started to apply it to the injured area according to the guidance we’d learned from Dr. Tennant. Holly reported she could feel a faint tingle, which she tolerated because she knew the electrons were being transmitted to the injured area. After 10 to 15 minutes the pain had subsided a lot, so Holly took over for another 20 to 30 minutes.

Incredibly, by the end of the session the angry-looking reddish-purple raised welt had faded to faint pink, was no longer raised, and only a little pain remained. We were amazed and of course very pleased. Holly walked around and reported it still hurt “just a little”, but by the next day she was pain free.

Agonising pain reversed in less than 2 hours

Two years later, Holly was carrying several shopping bags across a paved car park, didn’t see something on the ground, tripped, and fell while holding the bags. She struck full weight on one knee, and partial weight on the other. I’d been putting bags into the car, and turned to see her in pain on the pavement. Even with my help, she could only limp on the less injured leg. We drove home as rapidly as the speed limit would allow with Holly clutching her knee and holding back tears the whole time

Even with help, it was very painful for her to limp into the house where she collapsed into the nearest chair. Her more badly injured knee was starting to swell and turn red, particularly in the front, and the other knee was hurting too, but not as badly. She reported the pain in the more injured knee to be very intense.

Holly turned the Biomodulator® up to the ‘maximum tolerable tingle’ for the most electrons, and began to apply it. After 30 minutes enough of the excruciating pain was gone that she was actually starting to get bored! She reported that she could tell by how it felt exactly where to supply the electrons, and knew she should keep going until the pain went away completely, so we turned on the television to help pass the time.

After an hour and 45 minutes Holly was up and walking around the room with almost no pain. The next morning, we could see very small pink marks where her knee had struck the ground, and there was no pain, just a little discomfort

Certainly this form of electron healing isn’t exactly the same as Earthing, but the principle is the same. Electrons are supplied to our bodies to help promote healing and maintain good health. Of course the Biomodulator® can supply electrons very rapidly to areas in need – and can even be used to find those areas when they’re not obvious – but none of us can walk (or run) around attached to one of those 24 hours a day!

But we can use a grounding mattress pad during the hours we’re sleeping with no extra trouble at all. We also can go barefoot on the lawn or in the park, or just relax on the Earth sometimes. Earthing can’t help heal injuries as rapidly as the Biomodulator®, but it can slowly help to heal over time, and then maintain better health with a regular, slow flow of Earth’s electrons (and who knows what other influences) into our bodies, which are of course ‘of this Earth’.

Healing with Voltage

Dr. Jerry Tennant is a pioneering ophthalmologic surgeon who became too ill to practise for several years. He cured himself with his unique application of microcurrent electricity and other natural techniques. The Biomodulator®, and its use for acute injury, is one of Dr. Tennant’s many breakthroughs in health care. You can learn more about Dr. Tenant’s story in his book, Healing with Voltage. Please go to www.senergy.us to read more about the Biomodulator®.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing

Volume 7, Issue 11 – November 2013

Full references and citations for this article are available in the downloadable PDF version of the monthly Nutrition and Healing issue in which this article appears.

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