Terminally-ill cancer patients denied access to a safe, natural, potentially life-saving breakthrough – Help put an end to this appalling practice!

I’m hoping that by the time you read this Liza Cozad Lauser and McKenzie Lowe (now joined by Isaac DeHerrera), all of whom suffer from inoperable brain tumours with no known ‘approved’ treatment, are still alive. I hope that they have all been ‘granted’ a ‘Compassionate Use’ exemption by the US medical authorities so they can receive the same alternative therapy approach given to Noah Stout, diagnosed on 28 December 2010 at age four with the same type of inoperable brain cancer.

Noah was ‘granted’ that exemption on 9 February 2011 (by the very same medical authority agency that is, at the time of this writing, denying that exemption to Liza and McKenzie) and he started treatment two days later. Although the cancer grew a little after that, an MRI done in October 2011 showed it had stopped growing. Follow-up MRI examinations have shown no further growth of the cancer since then. (For further details, see Gavin Phillips’ 26 November 2013 interview with Noah Stout’s father, posted at www.tahomaclinic.com.)

I hope this is the case, and that Liza and McKenzie are accessing the only breakthrough that has ever been demonstrated to work – not every time, of course – for their brain cancers. If not, I’m asking for your help to try and reverse this situation for other cancer patients. More on how you can help in a few moments.

The FDA… kicking you when you’re down

Think about it: How would you feel if a family member or close friend was diagnosed with an inoperable brain cancer, and you were told there’s no effective treatment? You likely would experience shock, sadness and grief, especially when you’re also told the average survival from the time of diagnosis is a year or less.

But then imagine how you would feel if you were also told there’s a safe, natural breakthrough that’s already been used for 42 other individuals with this very same cancer, and that most have done well. The average survival after diagnosis in this group has been seven years, and one is still alive 25 years later! I’m sure your spirits would be lifted! Even though seven years is not a full lifetime, it’s better than a funeral within a year, right? That’s seven – or more – precious years spent with your loved ones.

Now imagine the devastation of then being told – by the medical authorities – that even though this breakthrough has worked on others, your family member or close friend can’t have it? Despite the fact that you, and others, are more than willing to help pay for it, your loved one is being denied the right to this potentially life-saving breakthrough.

I know how I would feel: surprised and shocked! How can this be happening in the United States of America, the supposed ‘land of the free’? How can the medical authorities – who allege that they work for you and me – deny my brother, my sister, my best friend the safe, natural breakthrough that’s been shown to be more effective in many cases than patented chemotherapy (which doesn’t work on this cancer at all) or radiation, and when surgery is impossible?

My surprise would quickly turn to anger and outrage. Who do these people think they are? The King? The Emperor? Or maybe they’re one of those dozens of ‘Czars’ that have infested medical authority bureaucracy in the last decade? Nope, they’re the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), an agency charged with (among other things) ‘protecting the public health’.

But staying angry and furious will do me no good, and that’s why I’m writing this. McKenzie and Liza (and future McKenzie’s and Liza’s) need our help!

Medical authorities handing out virtual death sentences!

McKenzie Lowe is 12 years old. She was diagnosed over a year ago with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG), and radiation helped for a little while, but then it quit working. As there’s no patent medication, and chemotherapy and surgery aren’t possible, she and her parents have been told ‘that’s it’.

If the cancer grows at the average rate, McKenzie has less than a year to live. Now put yourself into her parent’s shoes for just a moment. You’ve been told that you have to just sit idly by while your child dies. A safe natural alternative option IS available that your child could be started on tomorrow. Yet you’re being told McKenzie can’t have it!!

Then there is 46-year-old Liza Cozad Lauser. She was diagnosed with this same cancer in 2013. Doctors at Stanford University, M.D Anderson Medical Center, and John’s Hopkins University have examined Liza and all agree that her cancer is life-threatening and not treatable with standard therapy. They have estimated she has less than one year to live.

The FDA has also refused Liza their ‘permission’ to be treated with this safe, natural breakthrough! What arrogance! Who do these public servants’ think they are?? Let me get a bit calmer here… 

Burzynski’s safe, natural breakthrough helps save lives!

The safe, natural breakthrough I’ve been alluding to has been around since the 1980s. You’ve likely heard of it… it’s called anti-neoplastons. It was discovered, and used successfully in many (but not all) cases against cancer, by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski of Houston, Texas. In a court case brought against Dr. Burzynski by – you’ll never guess – the medical authorities at the FDA, a Seattle neurologist sent a letter to the judge reporting that his examination of Dr. Burzynski’s patient records showed that anti-neoplaston therapy ‘cured’ more brain cancers than any other treatment available.

(The entire story of Dr. Burzynski’s persecution – not prosecution, persecution – is told in the book Galileo’s Lawyer by attorney Rick Jaffe.)

Dr. Burzynski would be happy to help McKenzie and Liza, but the FDA won’t let him! The medical agency won’t let him even though it ‘allowed’ Noah Stout to receive the very same therapy, and Noah’s cancer has stopped growing.

[In the UK, Antineoplaston therapy is not available on the NHS. In order to access this form of therapy, cancer patients in the UK would need to fund the cost themselves (including travel to the Burzynski Clinic in the US and accommodation). This would cost in the region of Ł100,000.]

What’s even worse, denials like this have happened before. Abigail Eschenbach was a college student with cancer that had failed all treatment. The FDA denied her ‘Compassionate Use’ exemption for an ‘experimental treatment’, and although The Abigail Alliance sued to have the decision overturned, she tragically died in 2001. Even after Abigail died, the Alliance continued their lawsuit on behalf of not only Abigail, but anyone else that has ever found themselves in the same situation – denied access to an ‘unapproved’ treatment by the medical authorities at the FDA, even when there was no effective ‘approved’ treatment.

The United States Solicitor General wrote: “…allowing patients to obtain and use unproven drugs carries a host of risks and potential detriments for the public health.” Incredibly, the United States Supreme Court refused to even hear the case!!

How to demand access to anti­neoplaston therapy

Since our so-called public servants and the courts refuse to do anything, it’s up to us to help patients like Liza and McKenzie! Take a few minutes to email or write to your MP or MEP (or better still, both) demanding patient access to antineoplaston therapy in the UK. For inspiration, go to the following web address www. anh-usa.org/dying-patients-denied-access, and click on the ‘Take Action’ button at the bottom of the page. This will bring up an already prepared form email about what’s happening to Liza and McKenzie that you can then personalize if you like. To find contact details for your MP/MEP visit: www. writetothem.com or // findyourmp.parliament.uk/. As this is being written, I’m told that more than 30,000 emails have already been sent in the US, but unless that ‘Compassionate Use’ exemption has been granted by now it’s likely to take many more than that to help Liza and Mckenzie.

Excuse the repetition: How would you feel if this very same thing happened to you, your father, mother, brother, sister, a friend? ‘Access Denied’ by public servants to the only breakthrough – natural, patented, or otherwise – which might have a chance to help? What has happened to freedom – even the basic freedom to try to save our own lives?

I’m hoping – really, really hoping – that by the time you read this Liza Cozad Lauser, McKenzie Lowe, and Isaac DeHerrera are all still alive, and have been ‘granted’ a ‘Compassionate Use’ exemption by the US medical authorities. That would be terrific! But even if they have, write that email or letter to urge that NO ONE ever be subjected to this tyrannical ‘denial’ action ever again!

And if they’re still being ‘denied’, let’s all turn our understandable anger and indignation into action, and do everything we can to help McKenzie and Liza and all others in this situation to obtain access to the safe, natural breakthrough that is their only hope for helping them to live longer!!

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing

Vol. 8, Issue 4 – April 2014

Full references and citations for this article are available in the downloadable PDF version of the monthly Nutrition and Healing issue in which this article appears.

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