Hidden cause of Alzheimer’s revealed!

Dementia runs in my family. My grandfather had severe Alzheimer’s disease, which is why when my father misplaces his keys (which should be acceptable in a 91 year old!) we all glance nervously at one another.

I’ve always been interested in neurological illness, and have treated many patients with Alzheimer’s disease – and similar neurological conditions – over the years. People often come to see me looking for an ‘out of the box’ alternative to the litany of drugs conventional medicine has tried to shove down their throats.

And then 10 years ago it happened. I developed Parkinson’s disease. It came out of the blue, launching me on a 10-year journey investigating the causes and treatments of neurological conditions. And through that investigation I’ve discovered the critical factors that cause neurological illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease (and Parkinson’s), and uncovered natural ways of preventing and treating them.

This knowledge has kept me drug-free and physically active for the past decade, enabling me to help countless others as well. But, shockingly, the root causes of these diseases are already known. This life-saving knowledge is readily available and entirely supportable by medical literature – for those who just bother to look.

Unfortunately, few doctors do. And this is a BIG problem because the standard treatments for Alzheimer’s just flat out don’t work. Like most modern drugs used to treat chronic ailments, those used to ‘treat’ Alzheimer’s, Aricept and Namenda, at best slow the progression of this disastrous disease. They’re really nothing more than band-aids that you have to take forever. And the reason why is simple, they don’t address the root cause of memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

Toxins target your vulnerable brain

It turns out toxins in our environment are a leading cause of these neurological illnesses. You see, the human body is actually built to protect our brain from these toxic assaults by eliminating them when we’re exposed. But every once in a while these built-in protection systems come with a defect and this bug in the system keeps your body from effectively eliminating the toxins. With virtually nothing standing between your vulnerable brain and these poisons, severe neurological consequences and damage can develop.

The sad reality is that we live in a toxic world. These poisons surround us. Our brains are being marinated in them daily, and this constant low level of exposure over time is slowly killing us and robbing us of our precious memories. And to make matters even worse, we’re not going to be able to stop this onslaught anytime in the foreseeable future.

The evidence that these toxins have deep and devastating effects on a cellular level continues to stack up. A recent study published in the journal Current Alzheimer’s Research is just one example among many. Researchers reviewed the available data linking environmental toxins to Alzheimer’s disease, and revealed the frightening path these toxins take, literally altering the metabolic pathways associated with the development and progression of the disease.

In other words, they confirmed the root cause of this terrible disease! These incredible findings should have been splashed across the front page of every single newspaper and website in the world.

And yet, chances are you’ve never even heard about this study before.

Why? Well the short answer is that some pretty powerful people like it that way. The big industries, specifically those that produce the toxins that are slowly poisoning us, have a stake in keeping us from learning the truth. And that’s especially true of the heavy metals industry, which is unleashing a wave of Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.

Heavy metal mayhem destroys memories

Heavy metals – mainly mercury, aluminium and copper – have been clearly linked to memory loss. But of the three, mercury is by far the biggest culprit. High levels of this heavy metal in the brain lead to two brain abnormalities connected to Alzheimer’s disease, neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid plaques. And mercury levels in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients are typically at least three times that of the rest of the population.

While you may already be aware of the dangers of high mercury levels in certain fish and seafood, what you may not realise is that no matter how pristinely you eat you’re still being exposed to this metal. That’s because the coal-burning industry is pumping out a staggering 48 tons of mercury into the air every year.

Another frequently overlooked heavy metal, aluminium, has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease for over 20 years now. According to the US Centers for Disease control and Prevention (CDC), we ingest 7-9mg of the stuff every single day. When you add that to the exposure that comes from lathering on antiperspirants, cooking with aluminium utensils, and taking aluminium-containing drugs and vaccinations, the effects can

be devastating.

And then there’s the growing threat of copper. The amount of this heavy metal in our environment is skyrocketing, which is alarming since it’s been shown to have toxic effects on the neurological system and has been specifically linked to Alzheimer’s.

In addition, high copper levels have been found to destroy essential detoxifying nutrients including vitamin C, B vitamins and zinc. If you’re a woman taking birth control pills you need to be especially careful, since these drugs can raise your copper levels.

An integrative medicine doctor can test your levels of these heavy metals, and if they’re found to be dangerously high can help you get started on an effective detoxification plan.

‘Master antioxidant’ could be the key to beating Alzheimer’s

Day in and day out you’re being bombarded by neurotoxins. And while your body does its best to fight back that assault, eventually, like continuing to stuff rubbish into a bin until it’s overflowing, the toxic debris starts leaking over the sides and builds up in places like your brain. This can lead to a variety of troubling symptoms including the types of brain and memory issues we’ve been talking about today.

But despite this onslaught we don’t all succumb to Alzheimer’s or other degenerative toxin-related diseases. That’s because our individual genetic make-up comes into play. While the human body is an amazing vessel, and the brain has an incredible built-in protection system (more on this in a moment), in the end we’re all individuals and our bodies respond to the toxic assault differently. Some of us reach the point of toxic overload sooner than others.

Your brain has a natural method of protecting itself against the onslaught of mercury, aluminium, copper and other toxins… it enlists the help of the amino acid glutathione. Glutathione – often referred to as the master antioxidant – is a powerful detoxifier and immune system enhancer that serves as the main antioxidant protectant of the entire body.

Glutathione is produced and regenerated in a powerful process called methylation that’s responsible for immune system function, brain chemical (neurotransmitter) production, organ protection and detoxification. During the methylation process, enzymes, which are controlled by our genes (one in particular, MTHFR, is critical in the methylation process), use B vitamins and other nutrients to churn out an almost endless supply of the master antioxidant.

Well, when the process works correctly that is.

And here’s where things get REALLY interesting. I’ve discovered that an alarmingly high percentage of patients have slight genetic blips in their DNA that hamstrings their ability to make the amount of glutathione they need to effectively tackle those toxins we’ve been talking about. Even worse, some unfortunate people have far more than just genetic blips in their ability to produce glutathione… instead they practically have gaping holes. And without sufficient glutathione protection they’re prone to significantly more neurological damage.

In other words, that ‘minor’ memory loss you or a loved one have been experiencing – the forgetfulness you may have already chalked up to normal ageing – could actually be an outward sign of a slow build-up of toxins, along with a slow loss of glutathione. It’s a basic supply and demand problem, but with devastating consequences.

But it’s not all bad news because knowledge is power. Now that we know that methylation and the production of glutathione are the key to unlocking the mysteries of Alzheimer’s, we can focus on bypassing these potential defects with nutrients. An approach that, unlike current Alzheimer’s drugs, targets the true root cause of the neurological damage.

Tackle toxins using this powerful triple-nutrient combo

Cerefolin NAC is a powerful nutraceutical brain supplement aimed at helping to prevent Alzheimer’s and memory loss. This prescription-only natural treatment (known as a medical food) was created to address problems with methylation and to target the toxic damage that’s linked to memory loss. Cerefolin NAC contains sophisticated ‘activated’ versions of B12 and folic acid, as well as the potent amino acid NAC (a well-known glutathione producer).

This triple-threat combo of powerful nutrients aids the liver in genetically bypassing methylation defects so your body can generate generous amounts of glutathione. This smart medicine approach not only helps the body process the onslaught of new toxins that we’re exposed to every day, it also helps with detoxification, purging the old toxins out of the body.

Covering the cost of a breakthrough

However, there is one downside to Cerefolin NAC. It can be quite expensive… but for good reason. Despite not having the resources that a traditional drug company would have at their disposal, the holistic company that created this breakthrough nutraceutical took one for the team. They forked over the cash and man hours that were needed to complete the studies proving that raising glutathione does indeed combat memory loss.

And frankly, their considerable investment has given us a priceless gift. They not only introduced the world to the methylation and glutathione connection to Alzheimer’s and provided us with an effective solution to combat this devastating condition, but they simultaneously proved to the conventional medicine community that supplements and natural remedies are the real deal. And for that they should

be applauded.

If your doctor refuses to write you a prescription for Cerefolin NAC, or if you just find the medical food is simply too pricey, I’ve got good news. Although Cerefolin NAC is available only by prescription, you can get a similar memory-saving effect by combining natural glutathione-enhancing ingredients that are readily available at your local vitamin shop, or online, including B vitamins, NAC, alpha lipoic acid, zinc and selenium.

By combining these powerful natural ingredients you can unlock the ability to produce a continuous supply of glutathione and protect your valuable brain cells and invaluable memories.

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