Where’s the beef in your meat?

You are what you eat.

What you eat… and how it affects your gut… can impact your body as a whole. It can even affect your brain function!

But we’re just starting to learn about a frightening trend that may make much of the food you eat a fraud – and a new book blows the lid off what you’re really eating versus what you think you’re eating.

And the title says it all: Sorting the Beef from the Bull.

Three or four years ago, you may have heard the term “horsegate” in the headlines, when burgers and ready-to-make meals sold in the UK conveniently neglected to mention that they contained horse DNA (and, in one case, a significant amount of it).

While we’d love to believe that this was an exception and not the rule, the evidence is piling up to the contrary.

According to Sorting the Beef from the Bull, Florida researchers discovered in 1995 that more than 16 per cent of the products tested contained at least some undeclared meat.

Another study in 2006 found that at least 22 per cent of the processed meats they tested (like sausage and salami) were not what they appeared to be. For instance, 11 of the 28 supposedly “beef” sausages actually contained chicken… and ONLY chicken.

Now, it’s possible that there’s some cross-contamination happening when only traces of other animal meat are found where they’re not supposed to be. After all, a lot of these processing plants produce lots of products from a variety of animals – and if the machines aren’t cleaned properly between each use (and you know they’re probably not), it’s possible you might be getting some “leftovers” that you didn’t bargain for.

Maybe mistakes like that can be forgivable (MAYBE), but other contaminations are downright premeditated! Last year, 70 per cent of US chickens were found to contain ARSENIC – because an animal drug containing it had been added to their feed by farmers. Although the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ended up ordering chicken farmers to use less arsenic-based drugs, the meat on the market now may still include more of this poison than you should stomach.

If that doesn’t convince you to switch your diet to one containing mostly organic products, I don’t know what will.

First of all, don’t stop eating meat altogether – just make sure it’s natural and organic, without use of antibiotics, hormones, or POISON. Choose meats that come on the bone rather than in a tube. They’re more nutritious, and they’re more likely to actually be what they say they are.

With the Paleo Diet, you can take a “back to nature” approach to eating – including plenty of meats that are what they say they are, just like our “caveman” ancestors did when they hunted and gathered their own meals.

That way you can make sure nothing is mixed with your meat – intentionally or unintentionally.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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