Ward off ugly bugs and icky viruses with one powerful berry

Just one step on an airplane these days and you expose yourself in an intent to all kinds of bacteria and viruses…

Between the recirculated air… sharing close quarters with coughing, sneezing passengers… and seats and trays that have been proven to harbour bacteria and viruses for days, it’s no wonder people get ill when they travel.

Fortunately, there’s a simple berry that could give your immune system just the boost it needs, before you board the next airplane.

Australian researchers have found that the tiny, bite-sized elderberry could be the key to fighting off illness — and may even be a powerful weapon against the common cold.

For their study, researchers gave passengers 900mg of elderberry extract every day for 10 days before they took commercial flights, and for four days after.

The people who took elderberry didn’t just have less severe colds — their colds were as many as three days shorter.

That’s no surprise to me. Pound for pound, the elderberry has more antioxidants than most fruits, and it even has more vitamin C than oranges. It’s been used in Chinese and Native American medicine to fight off infections and even treat the flu.

In fact, one study found that a combination of Echinacea and elderberry fought influenza just as well as the prescription drug Tamiflu — and you can bet a whole lot more safely.

The best news about elderberries is that they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to find. You can pick up an extract online or at most natural health food stores.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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