Vitamin B3 once again shown to slow ageing

You know how old you look in the mirror. Maybe you’ve got a few distinguished grey hairs and laugh lines. They just mean you’ve lived a life that’s been full of smiles.

But do you have any idea what kind of toll the years have taken on your insides?

You might notice some signs, like aches and pains in places you never had to think about before… a sluggish metabolism… a lack of strength in your hands.

But if you take a peek “behind the curtain,” you might find out that your inner workings are showing signs of ageing, too. They may have even slowed down to a crawl.

According a new study out of Switzerland, though, there’s something you can do to turn back the clock – and once again, it comes down to those all-important B vitamins.

Using a form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide riboside (NR), researchers have been able to actually extend the lives of elderly mice who, at two years old, were already well past expiration.

They lived longer than the control group… and their organ cells began to REGENERATE!

The NR seemed to give the stem cells in the mice just the kick they needed to start producing new and healthy organ cells – and slow down the ageing of their insides.

According to lead researcher Johan Auwerx, this study was all about “restoring the body’s ability to repair itself.”

And that’s music to my ears!

Imagine… being able to REVERSE the effects of a degenerative disease… slow ageing… and live better, with no risks!

The drugs we increasingly take as we get older only mask our symptoms… while they DESTROY our insides… and make us feel older than we are. But in this latest study, even when the scientists gave a higher dose of NR than “recommended,” they observed no negative side effects.

You can typically find this specific form of B3 naturally in beer and milk… but don’t bother chugging a 12-pack. Even then, you might not be able to get enough NR from diet alone.

And unfortunately, because NR is an extremely small molecule that’s difficult to isolate, supplements are costly to make… and buy.

But you don’t have to splurge on expensive supplements – because for therapeutic use, NR and B3 (a.k.a. “niacin”) are pretty much one and the same.

B3 is naturally abundant in delicious, Paleo-friendly foods like fish, chicken, mushrooms, avocados, and even coffee. (Just be sure to buy organic versions of them.) And this vitamin is great for the health of your eyes, brain, arteries and heart.

It can boost your immunity, too. And when your insides aren’t ageing at hyper speed, you’ll live longer… and feel better.

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