Vitamin B12 boosts your energy… and your brain

Reader’s Question: I’ve been struggling with energy problems for months now. Regular vitamin B12 injections used to help, but now my doctor says I should stop now that my levels are normal. Is there a reason why I can’t keep taking vitamin B12?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: When it comes to testing for vitamin B12, I’ve always had a big problem with what the mainstream considers normal.

It’s important to consider where this definition of normal comes from. The mainstream has simply taken the vitamin B12 averages for a group of people and used that to come up with some magic number that you’re supposed to hit.

The only problem? There’s no guarantee that ANY of these people have normal – or even good – energy levels.

I regularly treat people whose vitamin B12 testing is in the normal range… but who benefit greatly from supplementing. Vitamin B12 is important not only for fighting fatigue but also for maintaining your brain function as you age.

In fact, I’m convinced that so-called “normal” test results actually end up depriving lots of people of a vitamin treatment that could make a real difference in their lives!

Despite what some of my patients have heard from my mainstream colleagues, there’s no good evidence that you can “poison” yourself with B12 or overdose from it.

Remember that lots of the vitamin B12 you take is excreted as urine. You don’t get the full dose. So, it’s important to SATURATE your body with it. And since some people have trouble absorbing it as they get older, high dosages may be necessary.

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