Urgent new warning for statin drugs

There’s no doubt that Big Pharma has hit a goldmine with cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, which are now one of the most-prescribed drugs in the world.

The mainstream keeps lowering cholesterol level guidelines to get more and more people taking them – including healthy elderly patients. They’re even trying to get their hooks into our children with chewable statins.

Never mind the fact that slightly elevated cholesterol isn’t exactly as deadly as they would like you to think… or that statin drugs, in fact, AREN’T the only option if your cholesterol truly is high.

And they’re not even the BEST option. Not only can statins cause muscle and liver damage and weaken your immune function, but their interactions with other drugs turn out to be so risky that a mainstream-as-they-come organization has just issued an urgent warning about them.

Wait till you get a load of this.

The American Heart Association has issued a multi-page laundry list of drugs that are often combined with statins… and shouldn’t be. These include certain other cholesterol drugs, heart drugs, and blood thinners.

The problem is that many statins and other heart medications  have similar characteristics – so they tend to enhance the effects of one another, sometimes to a dangerous degree.

A statin plus an anti-clotting drug can cause internal bleeding… and a statin (which already is known to damage muscle tissue) combined with an additional cholesterol drug is a recipe for a serious muscle injury.

And yet the AHA is trying to assure all of us that statins are still perfectly safe to use!

If you read my newsletter you may remember that it’s natural for cholesterol to inch up as you get older. And that’s usually OK.

Using drugs to aggressively lower cholesterol can hinder brain function, slow production of important hormones, and speed up the aging process. Your brain is essentially 60 per cent fat, so it NEEDS some cholesterol to function properly!

So the bottom line is: If there’s just one thing you can stay away from to dodge all these dangerous drug interactions… then it is D statins!

If you and your doctor are truly concerned about high cholesterol, there are a number of safe, effective natural supplements that can help lower your “bad” cholesterol. Fish oil, red yeast rice, and flaxseed are a few worth checking out.

Diet and exercise can also make a big difference. But rather than recommending that all-too-famous “low fat” diet regime, I tell my patients to go Paleo – which allows them plenty of healthy fats from plants, fish, and lean protein that keeps the “good” cholesterol numbers high.

And with the “Caveman” diet, you’ll get none of the unhealthy trans fats that come in processed foods.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing

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