How to find if your vaccine contains mercury

Reader’s Question: I’ve heard that there isn’t any more mercury in vaccines. Is that true? I’m supposed to be getting a shingles vaccine soon.

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: First off, you’re right to be concerned about mercury exposure. Heavy metals like mercury and lead can build-up in our bodies over time and affect everything from our muscles to our neurological systems.

Thimerosal is a controversial, mercury-based preservative that has been used in vaccines for decades. And most adults have been exposed to thimerosal-containing vaccines over the course of their lifetimes.

There has been some misinformation out there claiming that it has been removed thimerosal from all vaccines over the past several years.

But that is not entirely true.

There was a major push by the Feds to get manufacturers to replace thimerosal in childhood vaccines in particular. But the fact is, thimerosal is still regularly used in flu shots, the meningitis vaccine, and some others.

The shingles vaccine you asked about does not contain thimerosal – although, it does contain some other harmful ingredients, like MSG (yes, the same ingredient you try to avoid in your Chinese food).

Vaccination is a personal choice, and you deserve to have all the available facts about each shot before you agree to it. For a full list of vaccines that still contain thimerosal, follow this link:

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  1. It’s a pity that vaccines are getting such a bad wrap. I do understand why, but some of them really do save lives. Just a few of them, but there are good ones out there that do what they are supposed to do.

  2. Anti-vaccers drive me up the wall. Vaccinate your children people otherwise they just make the rest of us sick. Not cool!

  3. I won’t let my child be vaccinated with any old vaccine. Especially this Cervarix (Gardasil) crap that causes narcolepsy.

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