Tea can help improve osteoporosis

When you’ve got osteoporosis, it can feel like you’ll never walk out your front door without fear of breaking a bone again.

A patch of uneven pavement… an unexpected stair… or a rain-slick patio… even small hazards can become big risks for a spill that puts your fragile skeleton on the skids.

And make no bones about it – osteoporosis drugs can come with some pretty hefty hazards, too, from (atrial fibrillation) A-fib to increased cancer risk.

But according to a new study, you can step outside with renewed confidence – because there’s a natural way to increase your bone mineral density (BMD) without the harsh side effects of drugs.

And it’s something you probably have in your kitchen cupboard right now.

Boil some water for this news… because according to a new study, drinking tea can increase your BMD and potentially reduce your risk of breaking a bone.

The researchers evaluated 16 observational studies involving a total of nearly 140,000 people that looked at the link between tea drinking and BMD – the first “meta-analysis” on the topic.

After crunching the numbers, the researchers concluded that quaffing this age-old drink indeed led to improved bone density.

And the evidence was promising in the fracture department, too.

When two outlying studies were omitted, the analysis revealed that tea drinkers can cut their risk of a broken bone by 23 per cent.

That squares with previous research that showed that drinking at least three cups of tea each day can slash your risk of devastating bone fractures by a third.

So, if you want bones stronger than your delicate tea cup, drink the beverage inside!

And if you’re trying to decide which type of tea to choose, go with green tea.

Green tea is loaded with polyphenols – a type of plant nutrient – that may give tea its bone-strengthening power.

Oolong tea is a runner-up in polyphenol content, but black tea has the least of these powerful compounds.

It’s still not clear exactly how tea’s polyphenols work their bone-fortifying magic, but they may play a number of roles in the body – including boosting cells that form bones and restraining cells that break them down.

You might even want to take your tea with a spot of milk  because the calcium in dairy products is also essential for bone health.

Other rich sources of calcium include Paleo-friendly foods like fish, broccoli, leafy greens, and almonds.

Since calcium can’t work alone, be sure to get ample amounts of magnesium and vitamins D and K for strong bones, as well.

And don’t be afraid to step outside and get moving – because regular exercise fights osteoporosis, too.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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