Tasty super fruit may stop colon cancer in its tracks

I don’t know about your mother — but mine had a home remedy for just about everything.

Have a cold? Try some chicken soup.

Want to keep those bowels regular? Eat a handful of prunes.

If you’re still following mum’s advice and making prunes a regular part of your diet, Texas researchers have some news that’s going to be music to your ears.

Because those prunes don’t just keep your plumbing in order — they may be keeping you from ever getting colon cancer.

You see, researchers from Texas A & M University fed a steady diet of dried plums (believe it or not, that’s what the US government calls prunes now) to rats.

While I wouldn’t have wanted to clean up their cages after that, when researchers looked at the rats’ colon tissue they saw something remarkable.

At the end of the study, the rats that ate the dried plums showed significantly reduced numbers of “aberrant crypt foci” in the colon.

You might not have ever heard of aberrant crypt foci before — and I sure hope you never get it on a spelling bee — but they are irregular tube structures that form on your colon.

They’re a common precursor to polyps and colon cancer.

Researchers found that eating the delicious dried plums helped retain good bacteria in the colon and get rid of the bad ones. And maintaining a healthy balance of good gut bacteria is key to preventing cancer.

Dried plums also contain powerful antioxidants that eliminate cancer-causing free radicals that might damage your DNA.

It’s just more proof that Dr. Mum was always right — and she may even have saved your life.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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