The superfood that tastes like dessert!

When was the last time a so-called “superfood” actually tasted, you know… super.

It feels like every month a new study comes out claiming that if you want to add a few years to your life, you have to load up on kale, turnips or beets.

Who’s going to do that?

That’s why I was excited to see a new study in Open Chemistry, which found a fruit you can pick up just about anywhere may be one of the most antioxidant-packed, disease-fighting foods around.

And here’s the best part – it tastes delicious.

I’m talking about the black raspberry. It looks like a blackberry, but it doesn’t have the bitter taste, tiny hairs or the stubborn core in the middle of the fruit.

When a team of Polish researchers studied the black raspberry, they found that it has three times as many antioxidants as just about any other berry out there.

As you know, antioxidants play an important role in preventing the types of free radical damage that can accelerate the ageing process or even damage our organs.

Even better, black raspberries have ten times the number of phenolics and anthocyanins. They help protect your heart and may even help prevent certain types of cancer. The compounds in black raspberries have also been shown to improve your vision and memory, especially in the elderly.

Black raspberries are pretty easy to incorporate into your diet (just make sure you buy organic varieties that are pesticide-free). You can enjoy them in salads, grab a handful as a snack, or add them into your morning juice or smoothie.

Trust me – they’re going to taste a lot better than kale or beets.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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