Super hormone delivers fast angina relief

Reader’s Question: I’ve been dealing with angina for years, and get frequent pain and tightness in my chest. Nothing I’ve tried has helped much. Is there anything you’ve had luck with?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: As I’m sure you know, angina is something that needs to be monitored closely. It’s a symptom of larger, underlying heart issues, so you should always discuss any changes in your condition with your doctor right away.

When it comes to relieving angina symptoms, testosterone has been proven very effective. In one 10-week study on men, 77 per cent of those with angina who were treated with testosterone saw their angina symptoms improve.

That’s a result I’d put up against anything the drug companies are offering.

Unfortunately, lots of angina patients are counselled away from testosterone because of a mistaken belief that it could be bad for their hearts. But a new study out of Utah has found that testosterone actually decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease.

As I’ve said before, if testosterone was truly unhealthy for your heart, we’d have teenage boys dropping like flies.

So have a chat with your doc about testosterone therapy. Always insist on bioidentical hormones, which more closely mimic the natural hormones your body produce.

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