Don’t let stubbornness kill you after a stroke

I don’t have any plans to grow old gracefully. I’m using exercise, nutrition and supplements to fight ageing with everything I have — and it’s all so I can stay sharp and independent for as long as I can.

If you’re eager to stay independent… to keep yourself out of a care home… here’s some advice that could save your life: Know when to ask for help.

Swedish researchers followed 1,000 stroke survivors for 12 years and found that those who lived alone were twice as likely to die earlier. It’s no secret that life doesn’t go back to normal after a stroke. Researchers found that patients still had memory, concentration and thinking problems seven years after their strokes — not to mention physical limitations.

We all value our independence. But if you’re recovering from a stroke, know when to swallow your pride and ask for help, especially if you live alone. There’s plenty to overcome when you’re on the mend from a stroke — and for lots of people, stubbornness is first on the list.

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Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing
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Stroke Survivors that Live Alone at High Risk of Death,

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