Stop antibiotic resistant superbugs in their tracks

Superbugs may sound like something straight from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but they’re very real, very deadly, and, as it turns out, very easy to stop in their tracks. Did that last part surprise you? Me too. But that’s my conclusion after a new study from Scotland showed that the root cause of these dangerous and drug-resistant bacteria may be easier to stop than anyone could have imagined.

The problem is that mainstream medicine has become absolutely addicted to prescribing antibiotics for everything that ails you. Over time, bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, and we’re starting to see a new wave of lethal infections that are leaving a trail of death and have the entire mainstream establishment waving the white flag of surrender.

Now a new study led by a top scientist from the University of Dundee in Scotland has found that a programme aimed at getting doctors to prescribe fewer antibiotics works like a powerful, superbug-stopping charm.

Researchers evaluated 89 studies from 19 different countries and found that programmes that restrict a doctor’s ability to prescribe antibiotics were 32 per cent more effective than any other effort to curb antibiotic use.

Doctors will argue that antibiotics are essential to your recovery — and sometimes they are. But researchers found that just by setting up some roadblocks — like requiring doctors to fill out forms or consult with experts — many doctors suddenly decided these antibiotics were not so “essential” after all.

The bad news from this study was that efforts to educate doctors about the risks of antibiotics were not particularly effective. That’s no surprise, as the typical doctor has a Big Pharma rep in his other ear encouraging him to prescribe away!

But let’s focus on the positive — making antibiotics harder to prescribe is incredibly effective. And that’s critical, because the only way to stop this new rash of superbugs is to attack it at its source — the over-prescribing of antibiotics.

This new study may just hold the key to beating back the rise of super bugs for good. And all it took was forcing doctors to confront their most hated enemy — paperwork.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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