Statins increase risk of Parkinson’s

As a reader of my eTips, you know that the topic of Parkinson’s disease is personal for me. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s over 12 years ago and have kept the disease under control by using natural therapies and avoiding environmental toxins.

In fact, I consider Parkinson’s a neurotoxic disorder, as we know that heavy metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum can put you at risk for it. And while these deadly substances are practically everywhere – in our cookware, personal care products, food, polluted air, and even in dental fillings – they are, in fact, avoidable.

But you can’t avoid something if you don’t know it’s putting you at risk – and that’s why I’m eager to share with you new research that’s discovered something else that’s been linked to PD, and it’s one of the most commonly-prescribed drugs out there.

It’s cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and if this doesn’t make you banish them from your medicine cabinet, I don’t know what will.

Researchers at Penn State College have found that the use of statins is associated with significantly higher rates of Parkinson’s, based on data mined from over 20,000 Parkinson’s patients.
In fact, the odds of developing Parkinson’s are nearly DOUBLE when you’ve only been taking statins for less than a year.

And the reason is simple: Your brain actually needs cholesterol to function, and statins are designed to destroy the very same lipids that not only fuel your brain power, but also comprise the physical composition of your brain.

Your brain is mostly FAT! And that’s why high cholesterol has been shown to be protective against Parkinson’s… and why drugs that slash cholesterol can cause cognitive impairment.

Now, I know first-hand that this idea of Parkinson’s as a death sentence can be terrifying. In fact, Parkinson’s ISN’T fatal – and generally, people who have been diagnosed with it live just as long as people who haven’t.

Advanced Parkinson’s, however, can come with life-threatening complications like pneumonia and increase your risk of falling.

Keep your brain healthy by getting plenty of sleep, exercising every day, and sticking to a diet that balances gut bacteria for optimal immune function AND regulates cholesterol levels naturally.

The Paleo Diet fits the bill in every way, limiting what you eat to (more or less) the same as what our ancestors would’ve had access to. That means you’ll be eating fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and nuts instead of chemical-laden frankenfoods wrapped in plastic that you “nuke” to heat up.

Some supplements can help your brain get what it needs to stay healthy. I recommend taking omega-3s and CoQ10 daily.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing

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