Spicy peppers promote longevity

A recent study, analysing data of about 16,000 participants who took part in a health study on spicy food in 2015, showed some surprising results about hot peppers.

The researchers found a link between eating spicy peppers and a 13 per cent reduced risk of dying early.

Now, this study can’t tell us exactly how chili peppers can extend life expectancy. One likely reason, however, is that spicy peppers contain a compound called capsaicin, which is known to pack an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory punch.

And, as you know, one of the biggest causes of disease out there is inflammation.

I consider cayenne one of the most useful herbal remedies available, as its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the burning nasal passages, bronchial tubes, and lungs that come with seasonal allergies.

And we already know that spicy food can slash your risk of heart disease. So, why not eat some to live longer, too?

personally, I wouldn’t recommend eating hot peppers by themselves, unless you are planning to sit with burning mouth and breaking out into a sweat. But you can incorporate them into dishes like a salad, or making a chili salsa with tomatoes and red onions.

You can also find recipes online that show you how to stuff jalapeno peppers with a filling like minced meat or even chicken chunks.

Keep in mind that chili peppers range in heat from mild (jalapeno) to medium (serrano, cayenne, Tabasco) to three-alarm bells fire hot (habanero). Be sure to check where your choice of pepper is on something called the “Scoville Scale.”

The hotter the pepper, the more concentrated its content of capsaicin is. But if you ask me, some peppers are just too hot to handle.

You can also opt for cayenne pepper, which is readily available in powdered form and can be used in all kinds of food.

It can definitely help make eating healthy a little more interesting for you – and it also happens to be a good digestive tonic!

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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