Skip the toxic drugs and turn to safe migraine relief

The skull-splitting pain comes on suddenly. And then the nausea and the dizziness. Before you know it, another migraine has you spending hours lying motionless in a dark room.

If you’ve been suffering from migraines for years, I understand why you’d agree to try just about anything for relief.

Unfortunately, that’s when mainstream medicine has you right where they want you.

That’s because two disturbing new studies show that if you walk into a doctor’s office or hospital with a migraine, there’s a good chance that you’re going to leave with some of the most dangerous drugs on the planet.

Shockingly, the same applies for children.

In one study, 56 per cent of migraine patients reported being prescribed a narcotic painkiller like Co-Dydramol (hydrocodone/paracetamol).

Even worse, another study found that 16 per cent of children with migraines were given these powerful narcotics.

And that’s not just medically foolish. It’s an outrage.

It’s bad enough that these narcotics are highly addictive and could leave you with serious withdrawal symptoms if you ever try to quit them. But worse still, they may cause your migraines to get worse in the long-run.

It’s the typical Big Pharma move — develop drugs that could have you feeling a little better in the short-term, but that may do lasting long-term damage to your health.

Of course, the side effects of drugs of these drugs can be terrifying. They have been linked to stomach pain, irregular heartbeats, and even seizures. I wouldn’t prescribe these dangerous drugs to my adult patients — and certainly not to children.

Especially when I’ve found that there are natural, lasting pain relief-strategies that can help relieve your migraines without all the troubling side effects.

When I began practicing medicine nearly 40 years ago, one of my first interests was in helping patients manage pain. I studied research from China, India, Europe… you name it… to find cures that were effective and that I felt good about recommending to my patients.

I even became a medical acupuncturist, and I regularly use this time-tested treatment in my practice to help patients find relief from migraines and dozens of other aches and pains.

One natural cure I also recommend to my migraine patients is called feverfew (you’ll sometimes see it called bachelor’s buttons). The leaves of this plant have been used since the Middle-Ages to reduce fevers, and feverfew has also been shown to alleviate and prevent migraine headaches.

In fact, one study found that people who took feverfew along with magnesium and vitamin B2 had 50 per cent fewer migraines.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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