Simple steps to protect your prostate

While I can’t promise there are any prostate cancer breakthroughs around the corner, there are some simple steps you can take right away to protect your prostate.

First, if you don’t have it, let’s keep it that way. Natural remedies such as coffee and whole ginger have proven effective in preventing this form of cancer from developing.

Second, if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, make sure you understand all your treatment options, and the risks. You decide what approach is best for you. That’s why you should know that there are a variety of promising natural remedies that have proven effective in the fight against this form cancer.

Propolis and curcumin, which are both found in nature but can be purchased in supplement form, have been shown to stop prostate cancer tumours from growing. Resveratrol showed in one study that it can help make radiation treatment even more effective.

The mainstream continues to push unnecessary surgeries and dangerous drugs that can rob you of your manhood. You don’t have to become their next victim.

Common sense is your best weapon in the fight against prostate cancer. Ask your doctor lots of questions, make sure you’re well informed, and you’ll be sure to choose the treatment path that makes sense for you.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing
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  1. You make it sound so simple. How long will it take before I see a difference. I visit the toilet almost 4 times a night and it is interfering with my sleep. And this affects my mood… I don’t want to turn into a grumpy ‘old’ man with pee splatter on the front of my trousers.

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