Say goodbye forever to adult acne with this simple plan

Reader’s Question: I’ve been feeling like a teenager lately, and not in a good way. I’ve been getting acne breakouts the past few months, and nothing I try seems to be working. What can I do to make this stop?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: You can try all the face washing and topical gels you want. But if you really want to beat adult acne, the key is to wipe out the cause.

Stress is always a good place to start, because it can cause changes in your hormone levels that can result in acne. If stress may be the culprit, there are some excellent supplements that can help with stress management, like L-theanine and magnesium.

But, in my experience, most cases of adult acne are triggered by an undiagnosed allergy, such as dairy or gluten. Keep a food diary of everything you eat, and try to match it up with when breakouts occur or worsen. And talk to your doctor about getting a full round of allergy testing.

If the acne is occurring on your body, on places like your back, your laundry detergent is always worth looking at. Some people have reactions to the harsh soaps and dyes, and switching to a dye-free baby detergent may provide relief.

Finally, a good probiotic can help. If an allergy is causing the problem, it means your immune system is in overdrive. Probiotics support healthy bacteria in your gut and help bring your immune system back into balance.

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