Ease rheumatoid arthritis fatigue by counting your steps

A painful bout of rheumatoid arthritis can suck the energy right out of you.

Each step on the stairs… and each time you try to bend over… isn’t just painful.

It’s exhausting!

If you suffer from chronic joint pain, you’ve got your good days and bad days – but being tired is your constant companion.

Most days, you’ve got just enough energy to get up in the morning… and immediately sit down.

That sure can put a damper on your quality of life.

But researchers from the University of California at San Francisco have done what would seem to be the impossible: They’ve found a way to reduce your fatigue.

It’s not a pill… and it’s not even a supplement.

It’s a daily routine that you can do in the morning, at noon, or at night: Take a walk.

Yup, it’s as simple as that, but with a twist: You’ve got to also count your steps.

I know that sounds like the exact opposite of what you’d feel like doing when you’re dog-tired and can barely get up. But, as with many forms of arthritis, when you’ve got RA, you’ve got to move MORE – not less.

In this new study, researchers gave rheumatoid arthritis patients pedometers, or nifty little devices that count your steps as you walk. With those in hand, the walkers were 30 per cent less exhausted than the non-walkers!

And none of the participants were athletes. In fact, not one volunteer was even considered “active” at the beginning of the study.

The pedometer-assisted walking helped their energy levels so much, in fact, that they were able to walk MORE and MORE every day over the course of the study, which was conducted for more than a year.

So why does this gadget trick work better than just walking? Well, we don’t really know – but I would guess that knowing they were being tracked by a machine made the volunteers more likely to walk.

Some people swear by those pedometers – getting in their 10,000 steps (or however many you can get) becomes kind of fun.

I say whatever keeps you accountable and gets you up on your feet is a good thing – especially when it seems like your joints are fighting against it.

Along with your energy level, being active also boosts your mood and strength – and that’s important to combat the physical and emotional pain that can go hand-and-hand with RA.

But remember to use a pedometer to count those steps you take! It doesn’t have to be one of those crazy bracelets that people are wearing when they sleep. You can find a gizmo that just counts your steps – and doesn’t require an engineering degree to operate — at any sporting goods store or online.

So, whether it’s for being tired from rheumatoid arthritis, weight loss, your heart health, detoxifying, or reducing pain and inflammation, it’s never too late to start turning things around with the kind of physical activity that almost everyone can do.

And just think of all the extra energy you’ll have.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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