Radiation: yet another reason to put away your mobile phone

If you’ve been reading my eTips for a while now, you’re aware of the dangers of radiation exposure, like those annual mammograms everyone insists on, or the battery of tests a radiologist will inevitably conduct on you.

But even when you THINK you’re avoiding dangerous radiation, you could still be exposed to it – because the latest research shows that something we use every day could emit enough radiation to be dangerous those who are most susceptible to it.

I’m talking about mobile phones – and if someone in your life is expecting a baby, you’ll want to alert them to this latest risk.

A growing body of research shows that the radiation from a mobile phone can affect brain development while a baby is still in the womb – and its ramifications can extend long after childbirth.

It can even cause issues into their teenage years!

At the recent annual meeting of the Paediatric Academic Societies, a group of doctors and scientists from Yale and Harvard warned that using a mobile phone while pregnant – especially in the third trimester, when the brain develops the most – can cause behavioural problems like attention deficit and hyperactive disorders later on in life.

In one study out of Yale, when researchers placed mobile phones on top of the cages of pregnant mice, subsequent tests revealed that the offspring were hyperactive… and forgetful.

Dr. Hugh Taylor commented on the study and said the mice were “bouncing off the walls without a care in the world.”

The theory is that children’s brains can absorb at least twice as much radiation as our adult brains do because their skulls are so much thinner and smaller than ours.

And the closer the phone is to the unborn baby, the worse its effects can be. That means carrying it in a purse or bag that rests against the body… putting it in a pocket… or resting it right on the baby bump.

I know that’s probably not what you’ve heard, since everybody in the telecommunications industry has been saying that they’re perfectly safe. But BOTH the mainstream and the holistic medical community has been concerned for some time now about the ability of these “mobile devices” to cause cancer.

And the reality is that mobile phones have been in widespread use for less than 20 years – and the latest “smart” versions even less so – so there’s really no long-term data to be had as to the safety OR the hazards of them.

In the meantime, there’s enough evidence to urge caution.

I tell all my patients – whether they’re of childbearing age or not – to turn off all their screens whenever they can. If you’re home and not expecting a call or a message, put the phone somewhere away from you where you can’t see it, but you’ll hear it ring, like in a drawer or up on a shelf.

You’ll not only sleep better, but you also might find your own attention span improving, too.

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