Common preservative may cause food allergies

When I was a child, nobody was “allergic” to anything. But today, almost everyone suffers with food allergies. You can’t even bring peanuts within a stone’s throw of a public place – especially not one that is frequented by children. And on almost all packaged food item you’ll see warnings about a potential severe reaction (to peanut, soy, dairy, wheat) on almost every single one of them.

Well, those labels may have to include those allergen alerts because of something that manufacturers have been EXCLUDING from them for years – something that could be actually CAUSING those food allergies!

Big Food has avoided telling you about a chemical they’ve added to those packaged foods by keeping the amount small enough to slip under the radar of food standards agencies without getting noticed.

But a new study out of Michigan State University shows that this unmentionable ingredient – a petroleum-derived chemical called tert-Butylhydroquinone, or tBHQ – may have had something to do with the recent SURGE in food allergies.

tBHQ is currently used to extend the shelf life of foods like waffles, breads, oils, nuts, crackers, and more.

But it turns out that when it hitches a ride on those foods you eat and ends up inside your body, this preservative can hijack your T-cells, sending your immune system into full attack mode.

In vitro tests in the lab showed that tBHQ can make T-cells actually turn against your body, and start producing a protein that’s known to trigger allergic reactions to foods like shellfish, nuts, eggs, and even milk.

And wouldn’t you know it – the timeline of the rise in food allergies (and their increasing severity) just happens to correspond with the rise in more widespread use of tBHQ.

You might actually see tBHQ listed on some foods, so check the label before you buy.

Or, better yet – if it’s a food that’s so jam-packed with preservatives and other chemicals that it needs a label to explain them all, don’t buy it, and don’t eat it!

If you stick to fresh meats, seafood, and produce that haven’t been processed (or preserved), you’ll avoid tBHQ and dozens of other harmful toxins by only eating foods found in their purest, natural form.

And sticking to the Paleo diet makes it easy to choose your meals – and makes your meals delicious to eat. Organic meats, vegetables, fruits, and nuts are staples of this “back to basics” approach to eating.

Now, I know you can’t always prepare your own meals, but be aware that tBHQ is often added to those bulk-sized cooking oils found in larger restaurant chains. If you have to eat out, ditch the deep-fried snacks like fries, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Common additive may be why you have food allergies,

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  1. I don’t know why we think it’s normal to consume manufactered food. Anything that’s been tampered with by adding sugar or preservatives should not ever enter your mouth.

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