Powerful plant pigment fights prostate cancer

Reader’s Question: I have been diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, and my doctor and I have decided to monitor it for a while before taking action. Is there anything else I can do in the meantime?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: It sounds like you have an open-minded doctor, which is certainly to your benefit. Unfortunately, too many mainstream doctors launch right into the “slash and burn” mainstream cancer treatments, like radiation and surgery.

Prostate cancer is often very slow-growing, and in many cases does not require treatment. But just because you’ve decided to adopt a “wait and see” approach doesn’t mean you have to sit on your hands.

There are natural remedies that can help stop or slow the spread of prostate cancer – including quercetin, which I use in my own practice.

Quercetin is a polyphenol found in plant skins. A major review published last year looked at dozens of studies on quercetin and found that it “effectively inhibits prostate cancer.”

Quercetin seems to interfere with a key signalling pathway that prostate cancer cells need to communicate, grow, and spread. The end result is that these cancer cells end up committing “suicide” through a process known as apoptosis.

If you eat a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables, you’re already getting quercetin – but maybe not enough to make a difference. Supplements are available from your local alternative health food store in common doses like 500 mg for less than £20 a month.

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Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
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