Did potent arthritis drugs kill Glenn Frey?

The death of The Eagles’ co-founder and songwriter Glenn Frey, came as a shock to many people. You have to hand it to Frey — his music really is timeless. And now, his untimely death is shrouded in a bit of mystery. How could this legendary rocker die so young (at only age 67) from rheumatoid arthritis?

Well, Frey didn’t really die from rheumatoid arthritis, exactly. He died from the drugs he was taking for it.

In fact, his manager went on record to declare, “He died from complications of ulcer and colitis after being treated with drugs for his rheumatoid arthritis which he had for over 15 years.”

We tend to think of rheumatoid arthritis as a condition of your joints; but because it’s an autoimmune disease, your body’s immune system goes haywire and attacks its own healthy tissue and vital organs. So, people with rheumatoid arthritis may also experience lung problems, heart disease, stroke, and a host of other issues.

But here’s the flaw in conventional medicine that proved to be fatal for Glenn Frey: Instead of trying to get to the root of the cause, many mainstream doctors simply resort to powerful drugs that SUPPRESS your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to dangerous and even deadly infections.

In Glenn Frey’s case, it was pneumonia… not to mention the ulcerative colitis he developed from taking all those drugs for the condition, which he suffered from for 15 years.

We don’t know WHICH drugs Frey was on, but it doesn’t really matter. After all that time, the drug became worse than the disease.

If you haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis but you’re having pain that’s more than the run of the mill aches, see your doctor.

If it turns out to be arthritis, try to control the symptoms as simply as possible with a healthy diet and exercise. A recent study found that taking an omega-3 supplement can help fight the debilitating pain before it starts.

That’s why a recommend adding a supplement of 1 to 3 grams of fish oil a day along with a well-balanced and varied diet that includes lots of animal protein and foods full of antioxidants like cherries, broccoli, mushrooms, walnuts, and flax seed.

That’s not only a recipe for overall health and wellbeing, but it’s also a natural and safe way to get back on track and life pain free.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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