Pepsi gets it wrong with artificial sweetener swap

Unless you want to increase your risk of heart attack and diabetes, the choice between Coke versus Pepsi should be a resolute “Neither one!”

And it’s not just the high sugar content of both brands – because even diet fizzy drinks made with artificial sweeteners carry their own risks.

Many of these are sweetened with aspartame – and since this chemical has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory rats, many people are finally ditching both real sugar AND artificial sweeteners.

However, if you ask me, we still have a long way to go in convincing people to lay off the diet fizzy drinks. And now the latest headlines show just how hopelessly devoted some people are to these carbonated cans of cancer juice.

A couple of months ago, Pepsi tried to counter their declining sales of Diet Pepsi by replacing aspartame with sucralose. But after just a short trial period – and a huge backlash from their chemical-guzzling core customer base – Pepsi has flip-flopped and added aspartame back in.

Personally, I think that fizzy drinks belong in the rubbish bin. However, I’ll give Pepsi this much: The company removed aspartame in late 2015 for all the right reasons. This artificial sweetener is particularly bad for unborn babies – and for all of us, it tricks the body into creating an insulin response that can lead to weight gain.

It’s even been linked to insulin resistance and diabetes.

But while sucralose is touted as being “made from sugar,” switching to it is actually just trading one cancer-causing chemical for another.

In fact, just earlier this year, sucralose was linked to leukemia and other cancers.

The bottom line is that you should avoid fizzy drinks or any sweetened drinks for that matter, altogether.

If you’re looking for a jolt of caffeine, coffee is a much healthier alternative (as long as you’re not adding sugary syrups and whipped cream to it). It has a proven record of health benefits from reducing colon cancer risk to protecting you from diabetes and even help you live longer.

Or even a cup of tea can give you that needed energy boost – whether it’s one of the caffeinated or herbal varieties. Peppermint tea can particularly perk you up and keep your mind sharp, well into your senior years.

And if you’re just thirsty, there’s nothing better or more refreshing than a large glass of cold water.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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