Newest cancer ‘cure’ is in your garden

For years these Big Pharma has been turning over every rock they could find looking for a cure for cancer.

They’ve produced dangerous drugs and therapies that suppress our immune systems, poison our cells and practically burn the cancer out of us.

But instead of checking under every rock, these researchers should have been looking on top of rocks instead.
An amazing new study has found that a simple lichen — one that may be growing on the rocks and trees in your back garden right now — could be one of the most powerful cancer killers around.

Researchers from Emory University in Georgia just completed a study that looked at how a natural pigment called parietin may work to destroy cancer cells. You may never have heard of parietin before — but, trust me, you’ve seen it.

It’s the pigment in that bright orange lichen growth you see on trees and rocks all over the world.

When the researchers exposed leukaemia cells to parietin in a laboratory, it killed half the cells in just 48 hours flat!

That’s not all. Previous research has found that parietin can inhibit a key enzyme that makes cancer cells aggressive and more likely to spread. In fact, in one study on mice, parietin cut the growth of lung, neck and head tumours.

I don’t want to promise you that parietin treatments are coming to your doctor’s office anytime soon. There’s still plenty of research to be done. But what I promised you when you subscribed to my e-letter was that I was going to bring you the latest breakthrough cures from around the world — months or even years before the mainstream caught on to them.

This development is the latest reminder of something that I tell my own patients all the time: There really is hope for beating cancer, beyond the slash-and-burn treatments like chemo, radiation and surgery offered by most docs.

You owe it to yourself to always research natural therapies before agreeing to any treatment.

Look under every stone — and on top of them, too.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Cancer: Orange-Coloured Pigment Found In Lichens Could Fight Leukaemia, New Study Shows,

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