Natural remedies for heart failure relief

Reader’s Question: My father is 84 and is suffering from heart failure. His drugs don’t give him much relief from shortness of breath and fatigue. Is there anything else we can try?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: Heart failure is a condition where your heart doesn’t pump blood sufficiently to meet the demands of your body.

When trying to improve symptoms for patients suffering with the condition, a good place to start is by looking at the drugs they’re already taking. Believe it or not, prescription drugs used to treat everything from cancer to arthritis can lead to or worsen this condition.

What you want is something that can help the heart pump more efficiently. In terms of natural supplements, many heart patients have gotten outstanding results from CoQ10, which can be purchased just about anywhere.

In a 10-year analysis published in the European Journal of Heart Failure, researchers found that heart failure patients who supplemented with CoQ10 were far less likely to die. And that makes sense, because CoQ10 helps support your heart cells’ natural energy-making process.

Another recent study found that about 4,000 IUs of vitamin D a day improved heart function for heart failure patients. Finally, a major research analysis published about 8 years ago found that Hawthorn extract can help the heart operate more efficiently.

All of these natural treatments come with little to no side effects. But for anyone on prescription drugs, it’s always a good idea to let your doctor know which supplements you’re taking.

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