Magnesium may keep heart disease at bay

Atherosclerosis is when your arteries harden and narrow from a build-up of plaque along their inner walls – which can lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD), heart attack, and stroke.

The problem is that you can’t FEEL your arteries hardening… and trust me – you don’t want to just sit around waiting for a heart attack to happen.

Fortunately, a new study shows what you can actually do to reverse plaque build-up and keep those arteries soft and loose.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, taking a simple magnesium supplement every day may turn your cardiovascular health right around.

Researchers followed 52 slightly overweight-to-obese people who were taking either a magnesium supplement or a placebo. It took a while for the effects to take hold – with no real difference at the midway point – but after a full six months, the arteries of the magnesium group were far less stiff than those of the placebo group.

Bear in mind that this is a study on real PEOPLE – not mice or other laboratory animals – and it’s exciting because it’s the first to show this kind of result in human trials.

As the study shows, though, it’s not a quick fix – but it’s worth it when you consider that, unlike with statins, there are no adverse effects.

Almost 80 per cent of us don’t get enough magnesium in your diet. Going Paleo means you can eat many high-magnesium foods like dark, leafy greens and magnesium-rich fish – but even then, you still might be deficient. As you age, or if you’re on certain medications like PPIs, you just can’t absorb minerals as well.

So, it’s important to supplement – as this vital mineral is critical to muscle function, can help prevent cancer, and can even help control anxiety. Magnesium supplements are safe, affordable and widely available.

But why stop at just magnesium? I’ve told you before about the magic of vitamin K2, which can also reverse the hardening of arteries. You can buy it in supplement form or get it in abundance from beef, chicken, and even eggs and butter!

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Long term RCT supports magnesium supplements for cardiovascular disease,

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  1. You also wrote about this mineral in your monthly newsletter. It was a very comprehensive overview of the importance of Magnesium and as a result I now supplement with it daily. It definitely helps em to sleep better.

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