The NEVER talked about powerful prostate cancer treatment

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with early, low-risk prostate cancer, there’s a 90 per cent chance you’re about to make the worst decision of your life.

You’re going to submit to a dangerous course of radiation and surgery that could leave you incontinent and even ruin your sex life forever.

That’s not just me saying it. A new survey, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, looked at 190,000 men with prostate cancer and found that 90 per cent of men with “low risk” cancer were still opting for dangerous radiation and surgery.

Low-risk, localized tumours are so slow-growing they may never spread beyond the prostate. That’s why study after study has proven that you’re better off monitoring the tumours and only acting if they start to grow and spread.

But many men instead choose radiation and surgery that could leave them impotent, with poor bladder control, and that may even spread their cancer.

Believe it or not, I understand why.

For years we’ve been giving men with low-risk prostate cancer two bad choices. Cut out or zap the tumour — and possible destroy your quality of life — or do nothing and hope for the best.

Certainly, strong-willed men are going to be more likely to act than sit idly by.

But there’s actually a third option that many men with low-risk prostate cancer never hear about.

For my low-risk patients, I recommend holding off on surgery and radiation while starting aggressive treatment with natural remedies like modified citrus pectin and the flavonoid quercetin.

My clinical experience shows that taking regular doses of modified citrus pectin slows and even reduces the growth of the cancer cells. Modified citrus pectin is also effective at removing toxic heavy metals that can be so detrimental to overall health.

Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that’s also been proven to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. You can buy modified citrus pectin and quercetin supplements online or at a natural health food store. I recommend taking them as part of an overall treatment plan under the watchful eye of an alternative health doctor.

Make sure your doctor is paying close attention to inflammation throughout your entire body. I’ve found that inflammation can cause abnormally high PSA readings, which could lead to the false conclusion that your tumours are growing.

Getting a prostate cancer diagnosis is a big deal. But you don’t have to stand by and do nothing — and you certainly don’t need to let the mainstream scare you into unnecessary treatments that could leave you miserable.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Too Few Men with Low-Risk Prostate Cancers Get ‘Watch and Wait’ Approach,

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