Keeping older muscles strong

Let’s face it, as we grow older, our once youthful and beautiful bodies begin to sag much quicker than what we anticipated. Before long, those six-pack abs start looking more like a keg, and you develop that annoying, tell-tale “jiggle” under your arms.

Well, if you’re tired of watching your body waste away… and if you’re sick of seeing zero results from your work at the gym… it looks like help may be on the way.

A new study has found that two natural compounds, one found in green apples and the other found in green tomatoes, may actually turn back time on tired, worn-our muscles.

You see, as we age, our muscles start to shrivel. It’s called muscle atrophy — and its exact causes have been a bit of a mystery.

But in an exciting new study, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers at the University of Iowa found that a protein called ATF4 may be the culprit. It causes genetic changes that lead to a loss of muscle mass and strength.

In this latest study, the researchers found that when they gave mice just two supplements — ursolic acid and tomatadine — the powerful duo actually stopped the ATF4 activity in its tracks. After just two months, the mice increased their muscle mass by 10 per cent and their muscle quality by 30 per cent.

You can get ursolic acid supplements at your local health food store. Found in green apple peels and the Ayurvedic herbal remedy known as Holy Basil, ursolic acid is also known to support fat loss and heart health.

The second compound, tomatadine, you’re going to have to get from green tomatoes. Try the crisp delicious vegetable in a soup or a salsa.

Keeping muscle mass as you age is critical to preventing injuries and dangerous falls, and it helps you continue to enjoy your favourite activities.

In addition to these nutrients — and staying off prescription drugs like statins that can cause muscle pain and atrophy — the best way to maintain your muscles is to use them. Finding a daily activity that you enjoy, like gardening or a walk with friends, can keep muscles strong, improve your heart health and even fight back depression.

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Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Keeping older muscles strong,

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