Johnson & Johnson comes under fire for dangerous drug

The former Commissioner for the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA), David Kessler, recently took a stand against pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, accusing the company of hiding key safety information and endangering patients for years.

And there’s only one drug that could make an FDA official turn on his Big Pharma puppet masters like that.


Johnson & Johnson already paid $2 billion to settle criminal charges that it illegally marketed the antipsychotic Risperdal to children and elderly patients. One paediatric neurologist said his Johnson & Johnson sales rep gave him free samples 20 times, even though the drug had never been approved for children.

But apparently, the Risperdal shenanigans didn’t end there. Kessler said that Johnson & Johnson knew for at least five years that its drug could cause young boys to grow breasts, but still didn’t put a warning on its label. According to one clinical trial, a shockingly high one out of every 25 boys who took the drug developed the disorder.

These were children with serious mental and emotional disorders… even autism… and Johnson & Johnson used them like cash machines with not a second thought to the side effects.

The irony is that the FDA was in charge of regulating Risperdal and Johnson & Johnson, and it did such a bang-up job that the company was allegedly able to hide key drug dangers for half a decade.

And I suspect that if you asked Commissioner Kessler about that, he’d go from exercising his right to free speech to exercising his right to not to incriminate himself…

There’s plenty of blame to go around among everyone who had a hand in this… Johnson & Johnson, the FDA and the doctors who prescribed this drug. And you can bet the same nonsense is going on right now with countless other drugs.

The next time some doctor is trying to hand you a prescription, remember that what we know about the drug may just be the tip of the iceberg. Have a frank talk about whether you really NEED the medication at all, or whether there are safe, natural alternatives available.

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Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
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