Improve breastfeeding success with a simple herb

Reader’s Question: My daughter is pregnant with our third grandchild. She had a very difficult time breastfeeding her first two children and had to abandon it early on. She wants to try breastfeeding again with the new baby. Is there anything she can do to improve her chances of success?

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright: First off, congratulations on the new addition to your family and best wishes to your daughter on a smooth delivery.

Our herbalist, Kerry Bone, recently wrote in my Nutrition & Healing newsletter about how the extract from the seeds of milk thistle — often called silymarin — can help enhance milk production.

Italian researchers studied 50 healthy, lactating mothers and gave them a daily dose of 420 mg of micronized (very fine) silymarin or an identical placebo for 63 days. The women who took silymarin produced significantly more milk, and their production seemed to increase over time.

At day 30, the women taking silymarin had already improved their milk flow by 64.4 per cent — but by day 63, that improvement had jumped to 86 per cent. Plus, silymarin is effective at fighting everything from allergies to inflammation.

Have your daughter talk to her doctor about supplementing with silymarin. And let’s see if, as far as breastfeeding goes, it’s a case of third time lucky.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing
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