High blood sugar can worsen heart attack

If you’re like many diabetics, chances are that you are struggling with fluctuating blood sugar levels. It can spike and then drop again in the space of just a couple hours.

Keeping your blood sugar levels stable isn’t just key to controlling your diabetes – it also may be the secret to surviving a heart attack.

New research has found that if your blood sugar is high, it can narrow the width of your blood vessels and make a heart attack worse than if your glucose levels were in a normal range.

This is the first study to scientifically prove the link between blood glucose levels and blood vessel constriction. And it turns out that their relationship is pretty straightforward: the higher your blood sugar level, the narrower your blood vessels.

If your blood sugar levels are too high, your blood vessels can constrict so much that you’re less likely to survive a heart attack. The vessel constriction not only raises your blood pressure (because your body has to work extra hard to push your blood through such a narrow space), but it also reduces the amount of blood that can make its way to your vital organs.

Here are some safe and natural ways to help control your blood glucose:

• Try the Paleo Diet, which keeps your sugar intake low, regulates your blood glucose, and can help you lose weight

• Don’t skip meals, which cause those sugar spikes and drops. One study found that just skipping breakfast alone can send your blood sugar soaring after lunch.

• Give the supplement Berberine a shot. In one study, it was found to help control blood sugar just as well as the popular diabetes drug metformin.

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