Beat back heart attacks and cancer with spicy food

It turns out that spicy foods may help you beat back some of the deadliest diseases around today.

In a new study, published in the British Medical Journal, researchers found that regularly eating spicy foods can slash your risk of dying from heart disease, respiratory problems and even cancer.

The researchers followed nearly a half million people for four years and found that those who ate spicy foods 3-7 days a week were 14 per cent less likely to die than those who ate spicy foods less than once a week.

Even if you only ate spicy foods twice a week, you cut your risk of dying by 10 per cent.

And it’s not just because spicy foods toughen you up.

You see, spicy foods are often jam-packed with nutrients that can slash your inflammation levels and reduce your disease risk everywhere else in your body, like capsaicin — the active ingredient in chili peppers.

Capsaicin has been proven to reduce inflammation (which is why it’s often used in pain relievers), fight infections and lower your blood pressure.

Some encouraging animal studies have even found that capsaicin may help kill cancer cells and shrink tumours.

Spicy dishes — especially if they’re Indian or Southeast Asian cuisine — often contain healthy doses of the powerful spice turmeric. Curcumin, one of the main components in turmeric, is one of the most effective and versatile natural disease-fighters around.

Aside from reducing inflammation, curcumin is loaded with antioxidants and has been proven to help lower your risk of Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer and heart disease.

Now you can certainly get all the capsaicin and curcumin you need from supplements that are all over the market these days. Or just try adding some chili powder or turmeric to rubs, marinades and homemade sauces.

You won’t just be spicing up your meals, but you may also be adding years to it.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Eating spicy foods regularly may extend lifespan,

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