Going in for “routine” hospital visit? Read this first!

According to recent research out of Johns Hopkins revealed that mistakes made during hospitalisation kill a quarter-million people every year!

That makes it the NUMBER THREE cause of death, right behind heart disease and all types of cancer. And even though errors made by medical professionals kill more people than any single type of cancer, stroke, or even Alzheimer’s disease, you never hear about it.

Maybe the night nurse gives you the wrong dose of your drugs…or gives you the wrong drugs altogether. But maybe it’s something far worse, like someone leaving an instrument or a sponge inside you after surgery.

Worse yet, no one may even KNOW about the mistake until you’re getting sicker, becoming disabled, or end up on death’s door.

The scary thing is that as high as those numbers of deaths are, they probably don’t stop there. The study limited its statistics to only deaths while patients were being hospitalised — so that doesn’t include deaths resulting from outpatient treatment or in-office procedures, or patients who died from the error after returning home from the hospital.

And the data used by the researchers came from the hospitals themselves, which are required to “self-report” incidences like this.

But do you know any doctor who would actually take responsibility for such a fatal flaw in his treatment? So if they can find ANYTHING else to blame, the real cause of death goes unreported.

As I’ve shared with you before, you’re likely to fall victim to at least one medical error in your lifetime. So while the odds may not be in your favour, you can try to prevent the errors from happening in the first place.

If something your doctor tells you doesn’t make sense, ask him to explain it. If he won’t, he’s probably the wrong doctor for you, so don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. He’s not in charge of your health; you are.

Now, when you’re in the hospital, you may not have your wits about you enough to question every time someone comes around with a needle or a pill. Make sure a family member or friend knows what you’re taking, how much, and when, so they can double-check for you.

Ideally, with an alternative and holistic approach to your health, you can stay out of the hospital and avoid unnecessary drugs and surgeries – which will keep you out of the line of fire when it comes to mistakes made by doctors and their staff.

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  1. I hate hospitals. In this day and age they are like death traps – people go in for minor treatments and soem never come out again.

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