GABA helps you sleep easier

The lights are out, you’re cozy in bed, and all is quiet – except for your mind.

Invariably, one innocent thought creeps in… which leads to another and another… until you’re replaying every conversation from the day in your head, over and over again.

Don’t you wish you could flip the “OFF” switch on your thoughts at the end of the day?

Well, the latest research shows that a natural supplement might be about as close as you can get, as it can help you settle down and fall asleep quickly.

A new study out of Japan found that a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter called GABA (or Gamma-aminobutyric acid) calms nerve activity in the brain – and that means it can bring you tranquility, without all the fuzzy-headed side effects of sleep aid meds.

For three weeks, researchers gave the equivalent of 100 mg of GABA to 10 people who had a high probability of a sleep disorder but were otherwise healthy.

In the study, GABA helped the subjects fall asleep faster and stay longer in the “deep sleep” phase, which is critical for overall health. It’s during that time in deep sleep that your cells have the opportunity to repair themselves, which improves your immune function and restores your bone and muscle.

Not only that, but GABA also worked incredibly quickly in the study, with participants’ bodies absorbing it within 30 minutes of taking it.

Even better? It also moves through your system just as quickly, so you can literally rest assured that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and alert in the morning.

Compare that to prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids, which often leave you dangerously groggy… well into the next day.

A word of caution: Taking GABA may not solve the problem on its own… or at all.

If you’ve got a more serious problem that’s disrupting your sleep – like a hormonal imbalance or a sleep disorder – then you’ll need medical attention to address the root cause.

Or, you may just need to “go dark” a little earlier in the evening to clear your mind of the latest plot twist in your favourite TV show or the shocking celebrity gossip that you just had to share on Facebook.

But if it’s the persistent worry of anxiety that’s got your mind up and running – even while you’re lying down – don’t underestimate the power of calming activities like meditation or yoga.

And if you’ve got some thoughts that just keep nagging at you, having someone to talk to about them can make a world of difference.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing

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