Fidgeting may prevent blood clots?

When I was a child, I cannot tell you how many times my parents and teachers told me to ‘stop fidgeting’. And I bet yours did, too.

Fidgeting was always considered bad manners. But according to some exciting new research, a little fidgeting – especially if you spend a lot of time sitting – could end up saving your life.

You see, when you sit for too long, you’re creating the perfect conditions for blood clots to form in your legs. And when those blood clots dislodge and travel through your system, they can be fatal.

But researchers asked a group of men and women to sit for a three hours, while fidgeting one leg every few minutes and keeping the other leg pretty still.

Not surprisingly, the blood flow in the leg that was constantly in motion was SIGNIFICANTLY increased, whereas the sedentary leg saw a large reduction.

That should come as a big relief to lots of elderly patiets who may not be very mobile – due to chronic pain, surgery, or injury – but who are worried about blood clots.

Just a little fidgeting could go a long, long way.

Of course, if you can actually get some light exercise in, you should. That’ll further reduce your clot risk and get your blood pumping to ALL the areas of your body that need it.

Plus, exercise is proven to boost your mood and even help battle depression.

Listen, I’ve seen it over and over again throughout my career. By the time many people realise they have blood clots, their lives are already in danger.

Getting some consistent movement – even if it’s just some light fidgeting while sitting at your computer or during a long flight – may seem like a nuisance.

But it could turn out to be a life-saver.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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Toe-tapping to better health: Fidgeting helps prevent arterial dysfunction from sitting,

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