New dangerous psoriasis drug approved

When you’re suffering from “The Heartbreak of Psoriasis,” your painful, itchy skin irritations can become so inflamed that everything from getting dressed to even just moving around can be downright painful.

Those dry, red patches of skin are notoriously hard to get rid of – so you may find yourself covering up with long sleeves, even on a hot summer day!

So it’s no wonder that so many of the seven million people suffering with psoriasis are desperate for SOMETHING to alleviate their symptoms and clear up their skin.

But Big Pharma may have taken things too far with their newly-approved psoriasis drug, brodalumab.

Brodalumab blocks a specific protein known to cause inflammation, which is a hallmark of psoriasis (as well as many other autoimmune diseases). And that could be a very good thing – if six people hadn’t KILLED THEMSELVES while taking the drug in human clinical trials.

Even Amgen backed out of their partnership with AstraZeneca because of the number of suicides that had already occurred during the trial period.

Still, the FDA approved its use – UNANIMOUSLY – as long as it comes with a “risk management programme,” whatever that means.

ANY risk of death is never a good thing when it comes to taking a prescription medication. After all, the benefits of a drug are supposed to OUTWEIGH the risks – but suicidal tendencies are about the worst risk I can think of!

I don’t see how ANY drug’s benefits could outweigh that risk.

Brodalumab specifically may alleviate some discomfort – but drugs like this do nothing to calm an immune system that’s intent on attacking healthy tissue (as is the case with psoriasis and many other autoimmune conditions).

You don’t have to suffer these deadly side effects. There’s a better way!

At my clinic, we address the actual underlying causes and effects of the disease using three simple steps:

1. Control symptoms;
2. Identify and eliminate immune system triggers, and
3. Restore your immune system’s health.

For the first step, natural anti-inflammatories like curcumin, fish oil, and white willow bark can help tame a flare-up when it occurs. And applying a little aloe right on the skin can soothe a variety of skin irritations.

In terms of the second step, we usually try to identify undiagnosed allergies, which are very often a secret trigger to an autoimmune reaction. A 2012 analysis found that another key trigger is exposure to toxins from paints, pesticides, and even the chemicals in Teflon.

You can limit this exposure by creating your own pesticides (like using citrus oil)… replacing your non-stick cookware with cast iron or stainless steel… and eating only organic foods.

And finally, supplementing with vitamin D3 and probiotics can also help rebalance a dysfunctional immune system – as will switching to a diet that’s naturally an inflammation fighter, like Paleo.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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FDA Panel Backs Psoriasis Drug With Caveats,

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