These common drugs could be deadly for diabetes sufferers

Once you’re handed a diabetes diagnosis, you’re a sitting duck for lots of other health problems like heart disease, memory loss, nerve pain, and even blindness.

But there’s one illness that seems to go hand-in-hand with diabetes: high blood pressure. And, according to a new study out of Sweden, taking drugs to get rid of the problem could kill you.

Researchers analyzed 49 clinical trials involving nearly 74,000 diabetics who were on blood pressure medication.

Patients who took drugs to lower their systolic (top) blood pressure number below 140 were actually far more likely to suffer a heart attack of even die.

Worse yet, the more they were treated, and the lower their blood pressure dropped, the worse it got.

Now, I’m not saying that high blood pressure is good for you. But I take issue with what mainstream medicine considers “high” in the first place.

The mainstream is regularly handing out blood pressure meds to people who don’t need them – and there’s been plenty of research that medicating people to get them below 140 can be dangerous. That’s especially true when you’re talking about exposing people to the side effects of ACE inhibitors and other potentially dangerous hypertension drugs.

Besides, in many cases, you might not really have high blood pressure at all. There’s a phenomenon called “white coat hypertension,” which means that just BEING in the doctor’s office and having that cuff strapped to your arm may be making your blood pressure spike higher than it normally is.

And that’s why it’s important to monitor your blood pressure patterns over time to see if you really have a problem.

If you do need to bring down your blood pressure a bit, there are a couple supplements that have been proven to work naturally in just weeks: quercetin and vitamin D.

They’re both incredibly safe, and they can protect your heart, reduce inflammation, and even help your body fight certain types of cancer. And especially if you’re diabetic, supplements are a good place to start before prescription drugs ever enter the discussion.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing
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