DHEA supplements increase testosterone naturally

Reader’s Question: I read your recent article on testosterone therapy and how testosterone doesn’t cause prostate cancer. I see a lot of these natural testosterone boosters on the market – do they actually work?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld : Since I started this conversation on testosterone a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been literally flooded with emails. I’m glad to see there’s such interest in this topic, as I’ve seen first-hand the difference that testosterone therapy makes in my patients’ lives.

One of the more common T-level boosters on the market is DHEA, and there’s actually quite a bit of science behind it. DHEA is a hormone produced by our adrenal glands, and it’s an important precursor to testosterone.

In fact, a study out of Taiwan a few years ago followed a group of middle-aged men (average age around 50) taking DHEA supplements. And researchers found that the supplements did increase free testosterone levels and allowed them to stay elevated while the men exercised.

Of course, that’s not all DHEA can do. Studies over the years have found it can help keep you sharp, give you an energy boost, and even relieve menopause symptoms in women.

DHEA is pretty widely available in both capsule and topical cream form. You can also get prescription-strength varieties through your doctor or alternative health specialist.

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Effect of acute DHEA administration on free testosterone in middle-aged and young men following high-intensity interval training.


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  1. I know testosterone declines as we age, but do women have to take extra supplements to boost our levels or is this applicable to men?

  2. I’m going to recommend these supplements to my partner… things are going a bit downhill for us in that bedroom department.

  3. Doesn’t it depend on the absorption of the DHEA. I’ve heard that many of the DHEA are not that effective.

  4. I think I must get some of this stuff for my husband. His mood has been very low the past few months and I think it relates to his low testosterone levels.

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