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Reader’s Question: I have a relative who was diagnosed with dementia several months ago. He’s already been taking blood pressure medication and sleeping pills, and now is on a drug for his dementia. But it’s not helping and he struggles to bathe himself or hold a conversation. Are there any natural medicines he can try?

Dr. Glenn Rothfeld: Caring for someone with dementia is a heroic and difficult task. And it sounds like you’re learning first-hand that most of the dementia and Alzheimer’s drugs on the market are a waste of time and money.

More often than not, they either produce no change in a person’s condition or the change is so minimal that you’d never notice it.

When treating a dementia patient, I start by looking at the medications he may be taking.

Many drugs — including hypertension and sleep medications — have been linked to cognitive decline, so it’s important to have a doctor determine whether dementia symptoms could actually be drug side effects.

Believe it or not, this happens more frequently than you can imagine.

Taking regular glutathione supplements (you can find them online or at most health stores) can also provide vital brain support. Sometimes called the “master antioxidant,” glutathione helps your body clear out waste and toxins that can accumulate in your brain and contribute to memory loss.

And through my own research and experience, I’ve found that the build-up of these toxins is a major contributor to neurological diseases, including dementia.

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