Coffee miracle slashes deadly cancer risk

Your morning cuppa coffee may be all that stands between you and a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.

Researchers from Imperial College London looked at the daily caffeine habits of nearly 500,000 women. Turns out women who drink at least 26 ounces of coffee a day — so a little more than a large mug — slashed their endometrial cancer risk by 18 per cent.

Nearly 55,000 women a year are diagnosed with endometrial cancer and once you hit Stage III your five-year survival rate dips below 50 per cent.

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and will do a lot more than protect you from cancer — a daily habit of drinking a cuppa Joe could help you ward off anything from diabetes to depression.

So if you’re serious about slashing your cancer risk, fire up the coffee machine. That little bit of morning bliss just may be the cancer-protector you need.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright
Nutrition & Healing
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Coffee Linked to Possible Lower Endometrial Cancer Risk,

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