Cinnamon can help boost your weight loss efforts

January is almost a distant memory and the same could be true about your New Year’s resolutions… But if you are still committed to burning away that extra layer of fat around your waist then cinnamon could hold the secret to your success.

A recent study found that exposing human fat cells known as “adipocytes” to cinnamaldehyde, the essential compound that gives cinnamon its distinct flavour, sparked a process called “thermogenesis,” which means that the fat cells started to burn.

Believe me, that’s no small feat — because if you haven’t already noticed, it’s not so easy to get your fat cells to melt away!

In fact, in your own body, thermogenesis typically doesn’t turn on unless you’re deprived of food… exercising vigorously… or freezing out in a snow storm.

But the study’s results suggest that cinnamon can help you burn fat while you’re doing nothing more than sitting in your easy chair!

And since this spice has also been proven to hold your blood sugar in check, the spice can mount two lines of defence against those holiday indulgences.

Of course, I’ve been telling you about the healing properties of cinnamon for years — and Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines have valued the spice for centuries.

It’s been shown in studies to help lower cholesterol… improve blood pressure… fight off colds and flu… and even reverse brain changes seen in Parkinson’s disease.

It’s also a good source of the trace mineral manganese, which is necessary for healthy bones, nerves, and thyroid function.

Avoid all those “fake” cinnamon flavourings and instead spice up your meals with the real deal.

It’s the stuff that comes from the bark of a tree!

But stay away from cinnamon rolls and fancy spiced Starbucks lattes — because processed grains and sugars can ratchet up inflammation in your body and wreak havoc on your gut.

Instead, sprinkle cinnamon on naturally sweet baked apples or pears… boil cinnamon sticks in water to make tea… or add cinnamon to your savoury meat marinades.

Wishing you the best of health,

Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld
Nutrition & Healing

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